Lifestyle| ‘Litefeet: Sound of the Subway’ Is a Documentary on New York’s Underground Music and Dance Style

• Above is the FACT TV presented short-film on an underground world that has been busy at work but kept quiet from mainstream media but has now been globally announced and the anticipation around this genre is growing. LITEFEET is the underground music genre and dance style by youth hailing from Harlem, New York. The upbeat production, off beat DJ step-ins, and the high flying dances make LITEFEET anything but light at all. Underground music and dance has established a lengthy history that ages back to the early years of HipHop. This hidden lifestyle is always what cultivates the styles and statements made by the upcoming Generation. FACT TV documented the tales of young men and women who founded this methodology and the perils faced along the way. It would seem that dancers and musicians aren’t in danger but due to the culture that LITEFEET provides, these teens and young adults face hardships from many sources. This lifestyle provides them a chance to get away from it all.

Highlighting 100-BPM tracks, b-boy and pop locking dance style, and wrapped in acrobatic gestures and risk-taking feats, LITEFEET is a positive collective of talented individuals. After being attracted by authorities on the restraint of performing on trains, the lifestyle became more noticed. New York Police see these entertainers as a hazard to surrounding viewers and dancers themselves, but the LITEFEET teams see this as a hill that must be climbed. Throughout the documentary you will get to see and hear from various genre influencers and producers such as Chrybaby, Hann and Kid the Wiz, as they detail the beginnings of Litefeet, the current state and what to expect in the future.

For More on LITEFEET and The Documenting Tam at FACT TV click here.


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