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Fashion| MAPLE Drop Latest Accessory Line

• The Artisan product brand Maple Supply Co. has returned with an all new Canadian folk jewelry line that consist of all assortment of accessories such as socks, glass beaded accessories and silver rings. With help from a local Canadian cultural artist by the name Justin Rivard, the brand has been able to extend their collection to include editions of 925 silver jewelry adorned with traditional animal symbolism. On the Knitted end of things, Maple has also set release a selection of knitted and leather pieces as well as a selection of suede pouches, containers and slippers. Even though this collection may not be what you need during these hot summer days, the chill of winter is close and Maple Supply Co. has all your Fall/Winter accessory needs available today. To get you hand, wrist and head wrapped in some Maple Goods, visit their Stocklist site which will host these products this coming September 2015.


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