Music| @Iceedwards Returns With A New Trance Track “P*ssy Game Like Vacation”


• One of GoodGarbs first music artist ever posted was on the short big homie IceEdwards, whose feet is barely touching the ground in the photo above. The anomalous rapper, producer, dancer known as Ice Edwards has been quietly becoming a lab rat as he has been preparing musical works for his cult like following. Using his hilarious lyrical tactics, Ice returns to the scene with a classical sounding record. Inspired by the female anatomy, “Pussy Game Like Vacation” pays homage to man’s Kryptonite and tells the story of how IceEdwards takes a mini-vacation in the “Phat-Rabbit” (his words, not ours). Not the most child friendly song, the track is produced by some of the games upcoming gladiators Marvel Alexander of Modern Outfit and New York based producer/rapper Crsytal Caines. Ice has retained a great rapport with both producers as they have worked on multiple previous projects and we believe these relationships will only blossom. Now that we here at headquarters have replayed the track 22 times, we suggest you take the umbrella out of your pineapple drink, lean back in your hammock, and enjoy this musical vacation.


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