Music| Stream @SheIsBaeGod New EP “BedRoomTrap Vol 1: VAMPIN”

• Above is the tracklist for one of GoodGarbs’ most anticipated EP’s of this year, “BEDROOMTRAP VOL. 1: VAMPIN”, which comes from the LA-based musical talents of MaryAnn mostly known as BAEGOD™. Dubbed VAMPIN, this is the 1st volume of the BedRoomTrap series that we are expecting to support and blare every chance we get. BAEGOD™ has captured our ears with her unique vocal range, her amazing word-play and lyrical arrangement. Fully produced by SBVCE, the three-dimensional producer supplies MaryAnn with some futuristic productions and sound kits drafted specifically for her vocal capabilities. The EP indulges in features from close friends and talents like G Scott, Takticz and more. VAMPIN gives light on a strong, independent yet sensually sexy woman, who when she chooses plays the laid-back lady or the sexy aggressor. SBVCE doesn’t shy away from play horns and persistent drum patterns through-out. The allure of being a reliable lover and a strong back-bone to one’s significant other is the mass message, mixed with a dab of bad behavior and temptation. This collection of masterful music can easily be set on repeat during any alone time with that “one”. MaryAnn provides great writing and exciting vocals that are engineered to perfection.

Some tracks that we recommend for immediate listen are “Na Na Thas A No No“, “Vampin“, and “The Definition“. The full EP can be set on play from start to finish and is accompanied with multi-level turn-ups. Some tracks are simply meant for that car of females headed to turn up and some are set just for the BedRoomTrap set. Either way this EP is worth the listen and even more worth the purchase. GO SUPPORT OUR HOMIE AND DEAR FRIEND BY CLICKING HERE.



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