Music| Who Has The Best “HotLine Bling” Remix?

• Ranked the hottest song of the year, “HotLine Bling” by Drake has become the year’s anthem and the many remixes, refixes and remakes have only built to the magnitude that is #HLB. So we sat at the computer and tortured our interns to find the creme de la creme of the #HLB remakes and refixes from some of the already known talents to the one’s hiding in the crevasse of the SoundCloud. The finds were simply amazing as we discovered so many potential greats and got to listen to some extremely creative remakes of this renown track. No country or nationality seem to not have fallen for this track and had their way with the hypnotic tune. Some renown favorites made our list like the Remix by Erykah Badu and The duo by Charlie Puth & Kehlani to name a few. Some highly intriguing remixes came from artist like BearFace from St.Lucy and the EDM mix from Luca Lush who goes synth-tech over the Charlie & Kehlani remake. Basically after hours of HotLine’s Blinging, we wer able to create a playlist that is far from repetitive but is exactly at the same time. Just Enjoy and Visit The Artist and Producers Pages.


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