Music| S/O To That One @AGO_Music DJ @MightyMozaic w/ “I-95” and More

• The GoodGarbs team visualizes ourselves as the un-official support-team to the AGO Music™ Movement, and as we regularly do, we rant and rave over one of Indie Music’s top collectives today. Crafting and Curating the vibes of the future, The Astronaut Gang is equipped with a multi-tier team of talents that cease to amaze. We have all indulged in the Brazilian themed EP’s of Sango, praised the ‘SkyGod‘ aka The SEVENth and grew fond of the witty wordplay delivered by Waldo, Joose & Amos. Naturally the beloved production Savon, Sango and The 7th offers, is one main factors to their groups success. One name we have yet to personally shout-out is the lone-star DJ of the Indie collective and he goes by the name Mozaic. Surrounded by producers, rappers and positive energy, Mozaic plays the quiet member, but secretly host a great portion of AGO’s energy and ideas. Being the families go-to Disc Jockey (I say this because they all can DJ to some degree), Mozaic easily sees more features and controls more crowds as he travels infusing the popular with the powerful. His title sites the word “DJ” but Mozaic is definitely one of the premier producers and samplers of the team. His 2015-16 has been an example of what patience, consistency and hard-work will do when all applied.

 Mozaic’s 2014 was a roller coaster that he decided to sum-up in an EP titled “I-95“, and was designed for real people to relate to. Aimed to express his heartbreak, lost and found love, failures and accomplishments, I-95 is a barrage of productions Mozaic felt the need to share with the world. He released it mid-2015 and the energy from this release has only maintained his already established momentum. As the year continued, Mozaic’s demand grew and features from artist all-over were on his line. Growing with the demand and sounds of today, Mozaic continues to draft out the positive in life and tell a dramatic story through 808’s and discrete sampling. Paying tribute to the brand’s two-handed tyrant of turn-tables, we have designed a playlist of some of Mozaic’s top Features and Refixes as well as streamed the entire ‘I-95’ EP.


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