Tech| The TREK Zora Concept Bike Enhances Our View On Riding Bikes


• TREK happens to be one the more innovative and groundbreaking bicycle manufacturers in today’s time and they continue to push the envelope with their most recent concept bike. Unveiled most recently is the face and technology of the future for all bicyclist who take the everyday experience to extreme levels. Named “Zora” the bike multi-faceted and built for many terrians. It’s futuristic design is meshed with sharp corners and rugged features, creating and ideal hybrid ride that shows benefit on the mountains sides as well as the city curbside. Utilizing carbon fibre, the TREK Zora is slim, strong and very light weight. Additions include the LED Strip headlight/taillight and the interface on the cycle’s dashboard. No word on a release yet or if this concept will ever see the light of day, but we will of course keep you posted.



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