Music| @FEDECrossOver Gives Chill Vibes From “Trappeto Balcony” EP


•  Hailing from Germany, we introduce FEDE the producing prodigy whom possesses a classic jazz felt groove infused into each piece he presents. Teamed with the renown Blog/ Youtube channel Infinitblog, FEDE plays the position of star musician for the conglomerate. Independent record label Ching Zeng joins the group to full-fill the trio which all played a part in the most recent release from FEDE, his second EP release dubbed “Trappeto Balcony” EP.

Short in numbers with only 4 tracks, Trappeto Balcony meddles with many genres and sounds while maintaining consistency in vibe and mood. Instrumentation from horns and violins present this jazzy grassroots aura properly placed over tasteful drum patterns. FEDE is not afraid to venture from Electronic to R&B all in the same cadence and time frame.

We enjoyed Trappeto Balcony and you can to above. Also enjoy more of FEDE here.


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