Music| @ThisJLouis Releases Full Version Of @SONDER “Undone” Snippet


• Hidden behind great music is an even better tale of it’s creation. Rising on charts and mass listener’s horizons, is the trio SONDER whom has unveiled two new hit tracks that play out as a full featured film. ‘Undone‘ was the 10 minute track by SONDER which featured production from J-Louis. The short 40 seconds of production was extremely recognizable and alluring from first listen.

Little did listeners know, but there was a full backdrop story that went along with this snippet of music and even better, there was a full version of this piece. Apparently, J-Louis and Dpat (whom is 1/3 of SONDER) developed this ‘Undone’ breakdown 9-months ago during Bryson Tillers’ T R A P S O U L Tour. FYI, J-Louis just so happens to be Bryson’s official DJ and goes on tour with the man EVERYWHERE! During said tour, J-Louis’ laptop, which contains this snippet, is stolen. What was assumed to be lost forever, made it’s way back into the right hands and gracefully J-Louis felt it important to share it with fans.

J-Louis’ cut of ‘Undone’ breakdown is everything you could want from the teaser we previous were exposed to. Here we gather the full experience of that beat which captures the artistic quality of having Dpat & J-Louis at the same mixing board. Listen below and let us know what you think.


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