Music| #WhosePlaylist Tells Why Your Playlist Should Include @EliasSostre?

• Eli Sostre is a newborn musical prodigy in the sound of what we consider today Trance R&B. With a great response on his recent body of work, ‘Still Up All Night’ EP that was released earlier this Summer, Eli is without a doubt a playlist player. When we say this we are talking about Spotify, Apple Music, Beats Radio, BBC Radio, etc., list that basically own ear waves today. Streaming services are the leading used and listen to platform today and these stations maintain a sense of radio that music lovers must have. DJ’s still are required to harness a stash of HITs from the underground world which will move any crowd. With that being said, Eli is our pick for #PlaylistPlayer Of The Week.

Eli Sostre has mastered the pitch required to King of Diamond dance over dark production layered with keyboard keys, 808’s and lean induced lullaby tempos. Wordplay is another strength he poses as he captures audiences with ease. Storytelling nights of lustful ventures, passionate plays by plays with women and details of his continuous musical grind.

Adding Eli to your playlist secures that needed R&B/Trap vibe that we so commonly use Bryson Tiller and Tory Lanez to fulfil. His mainstream capabilities and new-age sound builds reason to place him on your playlist.


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