Tech| Bullet Shaped Design of Bandit9’s Custom EVE Motorcycle Catches All Eyes

Bandit9 is a renown custom design brand who deals with manufacturing custom vehicles of all sorts but main focus being motorcycle builds. Hailing from the Vietnam, Bandit9 has recently introduced their latest and what some say their sleekest. Making use of their famous EVE model, their newest rendition is turning heads and capturing eyes.

Featuring a slender black body, the new “EVE Liquid Black” reverts back to the regular bullet-shaped tank and all it’s iconic form. The bike takes cues from H.R. Giger’s biomechanical paintings, leaving a hint of science fiction involved – with its almost dangerous look it’s not difficult to associate it with hardcore dystonia action movie.

Many other features accompany such as a clean black chrome finish,  tough stainless steel composition, and did we mention it is an absolute beast? To keep you on schedule, if you’re looking to cop one for yourself, heads up: only 9 units will ever be produced. Visit the Bandit9 website for more info.


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