Art| Moon Hoon Design Concrete Floating House On Idyllic Korean Landscape


• South Korean architect Moon Hoon’s latest concept has become yet another masterful reality and defies all conceptional thinking and design. Set on Jeju-Island, the house dubbed “Simple House” is anything but. The three-story house is curated as a stack of concrete blocks strategically placed to depict floating squares. Placed to overlook different parts of the home, this design is meant to give multiple angles of the landscape from an abstract POV.

In order to keep the building upright (the area is known for strong winds) there are several angled support structures that keep the building stable. At The request of the client, the desire for this design was for it to be “more showy and extravagant”. This design lives up to the desires and even puts a few components that were not expected.

…. More Views Of Moon Hoon’s ‘Simple House’ Below, ENJOY ….


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