Art| Watch An Artist Paint A Portrait of Michael Jordan Using Air Jordan 1’s

• The art that is the Air Jordan 1′s is something sneaker-fiends have been admiring for two-decades now but the creative minds of the world have found many uses of these iconic sneakers besides hoarding them. Latest use for Michael Jordan‘s first sneaker has been a paint brush or something of that nature.

New surfacing artist hailing from Guangzhou, goes by the Instagram handle GC911 went live on IG as he painted a portrait of NBA’s most renown athlete Michael Jordan utilizing MJ’s Air Jordan 1’s to get the job done. Functioning as a paint brush, the Air Jordan 1’s was used to paint red and black sneaker prints to illustarte the enlarged portrait. The famous court runners became a tool for this artist and shows many great uses for iconic items that bring nostaligia to artist and viewers alike. GC also debuted his pair of the Air Jordan 1’s “Banned” edition.

…. Take A Look At More Views Of GC911’s Air Jordan 1 Portrait Below, ENJOY ….


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