AOTW| Artist Of The Week Is @LVNDVNWorld & His New EP ‘Moon Lit District’


• Masking behind mystery, is New Jersey crooner LVNDVN whom we’ve followed from what would seem to be the beginning of his tale to where the anticipated R&B singer is today. Most recently LVNDVN presented his debut EP titled “Moon Lit District” and playing to his mystique, LVNDVN offers this 5 track prelude of his story. Short in quantity, the quality of this release is purely enticing. Feasting on fan’s anticipation, this delivery fulfills that longing for true R&B. Tantalizing the tympanic membrane with arresting euphony surrounded by profound production.



Moon Lit District is a brief yet intense project that captures your ear from start to finish. The project leads off with the single that grasp the attention of LVNDVN’s fans today, ‘Dragon’ which recently was featured on American television show ‘So You Think You Can Dance’. ‘Leia’s Interlude‘ and ‘Moon Lit District‘ are two singles we heard before that both take their place perfectly within the sequence of the album. New to LVNDVN fans were ‘Waterfalls‘ and ‘Time = Love‘ which both display new levels of LVNDVN’s vocal and production capabilities. Producer features were Danny Ware and RB who assist in curating everlasting music.

1)  Dragon – Since being debuted on many platforms and receiving much attention this track was a teamwork production of RB, Danny and LVNDVN which sees a sample of Lapalux setting the tone for LVNDVN. Dragon is a dramatic tale of mysterious love,

2.) Leia’s Interlude – This short selection is a tantric lullaby settled with a subtle guitar strumming behind memorizing melody.

3.) Waterfalls – Reigning as most uptempo, Waterfalls hints towards LVNDVN’s badboy side. His approach is aggressive even with his high falsetto as he claims his truths. Production is yet another offering from Danny Ware and is yet again assisted by LVNDVN.

4.) Time = Love – This stand-still record proves LVNDVN’s capability to set a trance and place you in a world away from the one in which we reside. Simply teasing listeners, this keys and vocals track s LVNDVN’s tempting decree for his prey (I mean lover). Setting the table for the finale, Time = Love is placed perfectly.

5.) Moon Lit District -Gracefully playing as anchor for this album, Moon Lit District is the final track apart of this introduction project. Production was offered by Danny Ware and LVNDVN himself. Range and great writting are once again the strengths LVNDVN displays most while his keen sense for great production compliment his many skills. The musicall breakdown at the end suggest a potential in pattern with LVNDVN and his theatrical endings.

…. Listen To The Entire ‘Moon Lit District’ Above, ENJOY ….

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