Footwear| @Nike Show Off Nike Air Huarache x Air Raid Hybrid Series


• Sneak peeks have recently surfaced on a secret project happening at the labs over at Nike HQ, as two very popular silhouettes are fused forming a new eclectic aesthetic. Mashed together is Nike’s Air Huarache and Air Raid in two color renditions that honor the looks and styles of the 90’s inspired designs. Meant to deliver a nostalgic nudge while maintaining a modern sense of technicality and functionality.

Seen in a multicolor motif and a monochromatic bone look, the compound sneaker features the same sole unit and slip-on upper found on the Air Huarache, with Air Raid-inspired interlocking straps. Little information is given in terms of release date and stock list but we will keep you posted.

…. More Views Of Nike’s Air Huarache x Air Raid Mash-up Below, ENJOY ….


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