Design|View @Honda New ‘HondaJet’ Business Class Jet


• Automotive design is a continuous game-changer and grows with the technology that is unveiled to manufacturers. Lately, renown car brands have begun to dabble in arenas that they have not been apart of before. Honda is spear-heading this growth with the release of their latest aircraft collection.

Dubbed ‘HondaJet‘ is the name of the Japanese automotive company’s first business jet, with a twin-engine jet that is able to transport a pilot and five passengers up to 1300 miles on one fuel tank. Starting off at a simple price range of $5 million USD, this jet is filled with new age tehnology supplied by Honda. With a price tag of that kind, there still is 60 private owners to date.

Take A Look At The Rest Of The Visuals From Honda’s ‘HondaJet’ Below, ENJOY!


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