Fashion|@RoninDivision Presents Fall/Winter 2017 Collection


• New York-based label Rōnin returns with its Fall/Winter 2017 collection that is more Samurai-inspired designs. This series premiers a arsenal of wardrobe staples such as hoodies, graphic T-shirts and coach jackets, in an neutral colorway of army green, navy, grey and maroon.

Simple and clean are two descriptions of this collection by sticking to streetwear’s bread and butter — basic silhouettes and bold graphics. Top reviewed pieces include the “Untitled” graphic tee, which features a print inspired by Barbara Kruger and Katsuhiro Otomo‘s Akira, as well as an “afro samurai”-inspired “Empty Seven” tee. Embroidered detailing adds a premium touch to garments, as does the three-tone split design on the hoodies.

Rōnin’s Fall/Winter 2017 collection will drop on February 2, 12:00 pm EST at Rōnin’s web store.

Check Out The Full LookBook Of Ronin F/W 2018 Collection Above, ENJOY!

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