Art| @Vhils1 & RETNA Team Up For Epic Collaboration In L.A.


• Hailing from the streets of Portugal, is artist Vhils, who has an impressive history within the art world and have worked alongside some of today’s Artistic Icons. Teaming up with names such as Banksy, Shepard Fairey, & JR, Vhils returns to L.A. to collaborate with RETNA to create a new mural art piece.

Above, is a short visual documenting the experience of the experts doing what they do best while fusing their unique signature styles together. Vhils has become renown due to his popularly chiseled portraits this time surrounded by RETNA’s trademark calligraphic graffiti style paint job.

Located in the Echo Park district of L.A. is this massive offering that displays the talent, focus and plan of these great designer/artist.

View All The Images From Vhils x RETNA’s L.A. Mural Below, ENJOY!


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