Lifestyle| Checkout @Bandit9Bikes Sci-Fi Styled L-Concept Motorcycle


With Sci-fi films and series raging across platforms like Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things’, ‘Black Mirror’ and ‘Bright’, Bandit9 has designed a film worth motorcycle for suspense fans everywhere. The L-Concept motorcycle is Bandit9’s latest offering that is uniquely designed with it’s stainless steel unibody layout. 
Handcrafted & uniquely designed, these model’s are sculpted with chiseled grips & levers made from one piece of solid aluminum. An elegant Italian calf leather saddle in teardrop shape sits on the rear of the unibody. Modern touches come from the high-powered pure white LEDs & a red LED brake light in grid style. This gives a subtle ultra-futuristic vibe to the rare ride. 
This road-ready rider that appears like it’s straight from a movie set is offered at the affordable price tag of $10,950 USD. You must act quick if you are looking to purchase the Bandit9 L-Concept motorcycle because there are only 9 models made. 

Take A Deep Look At The Bandit9 L-Concept Below, ENJOY!



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