Music| @SangoBeats Drafts @Smino For Clean New Record ‘Khlorine’ on #ITCO


• Teasers are the best way to maintain momentuem within this music industry, and AGO/Soulection artist Sango understands this perfectly. With his highly anticipated debut album ‘In The Comfort Of‘ sidle slowly towards us, Sango continues to give snippets of what this album is offering. His latest sampling is chef’d together with a close friend Smino Brown who has a lavish history of Hit Making with Sango. This time around Sango & Smino present ‘Khlorine’, a clean, uptempo record with production perfectly plated for those delectable Smino bars.

Hailing as Sango’s third single release, Khlorine is vibrant and happy sonically & delivers a positive message. Smino’s unique flow-style seemlessly dances over the renown Sango sounds. The kinetic energy provided by Sango & Smino has been undeniable since their early beginnings with records like Sorbet, blkswn, and many more. This is, to date, their largest promoted record & the response has informed us that #ITCO will be filled with Hit Records.

Check Out The Short Visual Snippet Of ‘Khlorine’ Above & Listen To The Full record Below, ENJOY!


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