Design| New Modern South African Home Sits On Restio River


• On the bay of Pringle Bay, South Africa is the newly designed SAOTA architecture that is bringing modern design to the safari. Dubbed the “Restio River House” this venue resides in tghe mall town close to Cape Town next to the Buffels River banlks. The inspiration behind the desire was to incorperate the context of a perfect Holiday home within this studio style loft. Utilize the climate to their advantage, SAOTA designs a free-flowing space that is very contemprary in intent of design.

The open floor plan presents great opportunity to furnish the lavish rooms offered, such as the walk-thru kitchen & lounge area with breakfast bar and dining area. Colorways crafted by SAOTA connect the rooms to one another, as all roads lead to a large plush patio presenting a view of the aforementioned Buffels River.

View The Entire Look At The Restio Riveer House Below!



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