Music| @JACKIENVM Electro-R&B EP ‘EchoBoy’ Is A Vibe


Virginia based crooner/lyricst JackieNVM emerges effortlessly to our attention with a new electro-blues EP titled ‘Echoboy‘ that has been set on repeat. Surfacing with a sound that is nostalgic yet modernized, Jackie NVM is supplying a series of vibes in this short 6-track project. Hitting all of today’s music requirements, Echoboy has hints of trance, rock, R&B, trap and plenty of dance-ready production. Jackie recieves production help from hometown homies like OkayCozy & Jonny.

When we disect the project, one vibe that Jackie has seemed to master is that of a dynamic trance R&B vocalist. His production team (OkayCozy, Jonny and Himslef) provide the perfect set of energy towards 808’s, synths and acostic guitars for Jackie to drape the records in strong lyrics and valid vocals. Our favorite tracks where this is exercised are ‘DROWN‘ and ‘PERFECT FACE‘, both slow tempo vibes. More upbeat with the vocal styling of Jackie is our favorite track period ‘DOPAMINE‘ which shows a true Electro-Blues vibe. JackieNVM is not short on his pen skills and showcases this through-ut the entire project. The entire series is filled with seductive sounds and make for a positive party playlist.

Listen To Jackie NVM’s ‘ECHOBOY’ EP Below!

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