Design| The Tree House Your Inner Child Dreamed Of By #IKLab


An eco-friendly Azulik resort hidden in the forest of Tulum, Mexico has been modified by the good people of IK Lab, into an environmentally conscious Art Studio. This seraphic scenery of nature meeting inner decor was opened by Santiago Rumney Guggenheim, the great-grandson of famed art collector Peggy Guggenheim. Santiago then recruited commissioned designer Jorge Eduardo Neira Sterkel to curate the concept of the whimsical space.

Starying away from the typical grim gallery setup, the IK LAB is theoretically a modern day tree-house splotched with marblized concrete. The aestheticis provided by the woven jungle vines, warped portico doors, locally sourced wood and smooth curved concrete walls and floors. The IK LAB is now open for viewing featuring works from artist such as Artur Lesher, Margo Trushina and Tatiana Trouvé.

Take A Full Tour Of The IK LAB Gallery Below!


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