Design| Kengo Kuma Latest Work Is The Comico Art Museum


Architecture all-star’s Kengo Kuma completed their latest project which just so happen to be the Comico Art Museum. Located at Japan’s Ōita, this venue has become renown for the contempory art showcases at a space in close proximity to a hot spring which has lead to a huge visitation boost to the town. The design goal set for this property was to integrate with the surroundings, which was a task Kengo Kuma took seriously.

The designer wisely kept to this goal by utilizing a traditional wood preservation tactic called Yakisugi, which burns timber to craft a more durable material. Inside the space are two exhibition rooms, both overseeing a shallow pool. The second floor of the space features wood and Washi, a traditional Japanese paper, to furnish the space. The entire venue is surrounded by a garden helping further connect the space with the envirnment.

Take A Full Viewing Of The Kengo Kuma Space Above!

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