Design| Australian Office Building Turns Into Luxury Villa Thanks To Renato D’Ettore



The Australian architect team Renato D’Ettorre Architects, took to the suburbs of¬†Surrey Hills in Sydney to transform a formerly used office building into a lavish Italian-inspired villa. Suitable dubbed the “Italianate House“, the firm added a few key features such as the simple fact they took an office space and turned it into a double-height living space that has a courtyard view.

Minimalistic design details the interior of the home with subtle features like herringbone wood floor, brass kitchen cabinets and a set of perforated metal steps. The more Italian villa influnece is noted with the exposed brick usage and other qous. The home maintains the Tuscany style but gives life to the modern build in the archtecture. Renato knew how to bring the best characteristics this venue had to offer to the fore-front and exploit the beauty within the passively placed spaced.

Enjoy A Full Tour Of The Renato D’Ettorre Design Above!

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