Music| @TheChainSmokers Share “This Feeling” & How They Teamed W/ @KelseaBallerini


• It may almost seem a routine at this stage in The Chainsmokers career to release hit records that takeover instantaneously. A New Music Friday comes along, Alex & Drew drop a smash hit with yet another A-list artist that lands on the Top 50 charts on Spotify & Apple Music while being accompanied by a lyric video that dominates the Trending section on YouTube. Some would even believe their music process consist of them producing a track and pointing to whatever artist they desire saying “You! Studio! Record! Now!” but to those who know Alex & Drew know they are way to humble for that. These two still treat each project like it’s their first. How do we know?, because they still manage time to personally reach out to us to give elaborate details of their journey.

With the release of their latest single “This Feeling” featuring Country Music Artist Kelsea Ballerini, the two shared with us the story of how they managed to acquire the talented vocalist for this feature and details about how the song was developed.

After sharing the new song with us, Drew & Alex explained the musical match-making that took place prior to recording the song. Sharing how it all went down, Alex said “We are really excited about this song because Kelsea is an artist we have wanted to work with for a while. We actually had heard her covering some of our songs on her tour and heard an interview that she really wanted to work with us. Then we finally met backstage and really hit it off. She was charismatic, charming, really fun and so talented… and we decided then this had to happen we just needed the right song.

Naturally a process had to occur to develop the right words for this moment. With even more intimate detail, Alex continued to explain stating;

” So then a couple weeks later Emily Warren and ourselves were writing in LA and began coming up with the lyrics for This Feeling. I remember sitting in the studio struggling with topics for a song, we usually end up talking about life for a few hours and then something eventually comes of it. Well at this time I was going through a lot in my personal life and thought we should write about it, it usually makes for the most meaningful songs. I wont bore you with the details but the song is about following your heart in the truest sense. We have all been in relationships and positions when your friends and family are all telling you the opposite of what you want to hear, they just cant understand where you are coming from, as its something so personal there is no way they possibly could, but deep down you know you just have to follow what feels right. Well this song is about that, its about following your heart in spite of the noise around you…”

The lyrics and production combine captures the art of story telling which is a common act performed by country music pros like Kelsea. Maintaining their repertoire for catchy fun records, The Chainsmokers allow us to see another side of their process off stage and more at home.

Click Here to listen to “Sick Boy…This Feeling” On Your Favorite Platform.

Watch “This Feeling” Lyric Video Above & Listen To Sick Boy… This Feeling Below!

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