Music| @RU_AreYou Takes A Ride W/ The Whole @TheQuestCrew in “Proceeds” Video

The bro from Sacramento known as RU AreYou, has resurfaced with yet again another dance ready party anthem. Teaming up with his family/party squad QuestCrew, RU releases his latest single ‘Proceeds‘ produced by AreYou. The renown LA rapper/singer/producer has made a name for himself with raving on stage and providing energetic vibes to any room he enters. His music represents the party scene that Sacramento and the Bay area is known for while always delivering witty word-play and suggestive lyrics.

“Proceeds” video is a party in motion, literally as RU and the QuestCrew pack into the back of their rave wagon where the party seems to take a few turns. Always providing a fun time, this video shot and edited by The Andrew Franz and features the homies Ryanimay, Hokuto Konishi, Mark Villavar, Feng, Teejay, Jolee, and Subin Choi. The video is filled with bright lights, high energy and even a card game fight. Again this all takes place in the back of a moving van! This epic depiction of the song only last for a minute and thirty seconds but is easily set on repeat.

Watch ‘Proceeds’ By RU AreYou Below & Go Stream The New Single Everywhere!

One response to “Music| @RU_AreYou Takes A Ride W/ The Whole @TheQuestCrew in “Proceeds” Video”

  1. […] album titled ‘A RARE Evening‘. To add energy to his previously released video “Proceeds“, RU decided to release a vivid visual for his latest single. To deliver the eye-grasping […]

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