Art| Spiff Ellis' Coloring Book "Fill In The Lines" Speaks On Mental Health & More


New Jersey based graphic artist Spiff Ellis has taken his digital design skills from the computer and placed his more coveted designs into a coloring book for all to enjoy and practice with. The illustrious illustrator has made himself a prominent designer as he has worked projects for Complex Magazine, Nike and many other major named His latest work is his prized coloring book dubbed “Fill In The Lines” with illustrations focused on Mental Health.

Fill In The Lines is 15 unique characters that have pinpointed many signs and symptoms of Mental Health and real-life scenarios we may experience. Spiff is gifted in crafting conscious characters that relate to trending topics of today and this coloring book is his way of getting a serious message across in a fun and healthy way.

Spiff Ellis host his renown #MarkerMondays weekly showcasing a new character and his process of design. Visit his website to get your hands on his limited edition coloring book ‘Fill In The Lines’ Now.

Enjoy More Looks From Spiff Ellis’ “Fill In The Lines” Coloring Book Below!

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