NEWS| Creator Coin Stock Watch: @IAMBOMANIX Leads The Creator Coin Rush w/ $BOO Coin

Since Fall of 2020, the ‘Rise of Bomani‘ has been a journey that close friends and followers of the guitar wielding soft spoken crooner, have been able to experience and enjoy. On the surface, Bomani seems to be a subtle guitar player with a soothing set of vocals but under this peaceful persona is a digital mastermind who has managed to not only become the face of a viral app but also has cultivated his fanbase into crypto-fortune. Before we get into the fast-growing crypto by ex-Clubhouse App Icon Bomani, we want to give some insight on how we got here.

For many early Clubhouse users, Fall of 2020 (August to December) could easily be referred to as the Golden Age. At this time, the app had only be operating for about 5 months and it’s notoriety was slowly seeping into the public’s social timeline. The general user was in the Tech, Music or Business industry and everyone was getting a sense for what the purpose of the app was for. During this era of Clubhouse, creative social innovation was potentially at it’s all time high. This period breed life into so many signature experiences which shaped the potential and expectation of how to create on the app. Experiences such as the curation of renown clubs such as Late Night, Early Mornings (hosted by Mariana Bah), along with ‘rooms’ like ‘For The Love Of Joe Buddens’ designed by (Arianna Faust) and even the TMZ reported “Lion King” Live audio performance (Produced & Directed by Noelle Chesnut Witmore and Mir Harris). In addition to all these great experiences, one room/club that stood out from all the rest was Bomani’s ‘The Cotton Club’. The Cotton Club is exactly what you think when you hear the name. The Cotton Club was a nostalgic experience, wrapped in classy jazz music, hosted by the smooth jazz toned Bomani and fellow musician Mr.Khadir.

The rules of the room was that to gain access to the stage (for all non-clubhouse users, that means you gained access to speak to the audience) one had to find a black & white photo of a famous individual who would complement the setting and PTR (Pull To Refresh) with the updated profile picture. Many renown faces would make their appearance, such as Billy Holiday, Satchmo (Louis Armstrong), Duke Ellington, Miles Davis, Bessie Smith, Frank Sinatra, & many more. Guest would also take on the personality of their selected celebrity and The Cotton Club even came furnished with a guest bartender, coat check attendant and even a cook (please use your imagination). Long story short, this experience caught the attention of just about every user who would be on the app during The Cotton Club. Even the Clubhouse Creators took noticed to this experience and this consistent extravaganza gave Bomani a new level of recognition and appreciation from users worldwide. Then the ClubHouse App Icon experience for Bomani was born.

Once Bomani achieved App Icon status, well the rest is current history. He of course took off in regards as ClubHouse, as any room he entered he demanded an immediate following of over 1000 listeners. Off the app, Bomani’s recognition increased tremendously and helped propel him into opportunities such as being featured in a Super Bowl Commercial, releasing and selling NFT’s and many other amazing opportunities. The one we believe will be the most relevant to watch is Bomani’s $BOO coin. Supported by the platform, Bomani has designed a coin that represents his brand and is potentially going to be a aiding agent to helping him build fan engagement while helping others build their own financial freedom.

Click Here To Support Bomani & The $Boo Coin and Also Enjoy Sounds From Bomani!

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