Design| Hello Wood Studio Designs Quaint Cabin in Zala County Hills, Hungary


Residing in Zala County hills in Hungary, Hello Wood Studios debuted their latest quaint cabin dubbed the Wauhaus.

Elevated significantly off the ground with a set of wooden legs, this minimal cabin was designed to provide owners a new perspective and a taste of rural life as they are elevated within nature and the surrounding forest. This modernized canopy-styled “treehouse” is surrounded by the idyllic landscape and is stowed away in a forest setting that matches the wood based interior.

The cabin’s exterior is covered with graphite grey larch planking and showcases a narrow bridge that leads to the entrance on the side of the house. The entire interior draws the owner to the huge façade window that overlooks the land as a picturesque fourth wall. The inside features natural birch plywood and oak flooring. 

Enjoy A Full View Of The Wauhaus Built by Hello Wood Studio Below & A Video Below!

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