Music| @EilDerbyx Is The Teenager Raising The Bar In R&B w/ New Single “Gaslight”

With R&B and I’m talking real R&B, at question these days, it is truly refreshing to find youthful talent taking the stage. Maryland-DC based artist Eli Derby brings the thought that true R&B can be saved and he debuts his efforts with his first single dubbed “Gaslight“.

It’s been a while since we seen a 18 year old singer-songwriter present melodies, wordplay, dance-moves and charisma to the R&B genre. The triple threat hasn’t been present in the industry for quite some time but record label Love Renaissance has seem to stumble upon a potential franchise player. From humble beginnings as a drummer and church singer to earning a place on the LVRN Christmas album last year, Eli is planning to release his first project with LVRN & Interscope. He leads off with this amazing single.

Eli offers up a smooth transparent record and visual with this release of ‘Gaslight’. Defining the millennial-highlighted term ‘gaslight’ as “to manipulate someone by psychological means into questioning their own sanity”, Eli’s music video showcases his struggle with his current love. Eli defines the intent of this record stating ” ‘Gaslight’ it was about making sure the person listening felt okay not knowing what to call their ‘situation.’ And that sometimes uncertainty can be exactly what you need in the moment.” 

Take A Look At Eli Derby’s First Official Music Video Above & Also Enjoy A Look At His Musical Journey Below!

Music| @Nippa_AD Shows He’s The UK R&B Sound We Been Waiting For With New Single ‘Situation’

It’s no secret that the UK has an amazing musical world of talent and listeners who truly appreciate all that music has to offer. Many say that the truest of music lovers reside in the UK and this has only been proven over and over with the UK sounds that continues to go viral and even gets imitated by other regions. Pushing that narrative in the R&B Genre is a surfacing talent by the name NIPPA!

Trap-style R&B seems to be the branding of this North London based artist Nippa. Repeating efforts from his latest release of ‘Ride or Die‘, Nippa presents a fusion of low tempo trap production with his angelic falsetto met with witty wordplay and alluring lyrics. Dubbed ‘Situation’, Nippa’s newest single presents the question of love and loyalty in the quest for fame and fortune with his closest friends and loved ones. His calming vocals are not to be confused for the potential ‘situation’ that can arise. Adding to his release, Nippa offers fans a Official Video to accompany his release. The Faces JRX visual showcases Nippa’s stomping grounds and the people he has grown up with. The story in this song directly speaks about his upbringing and this video offers a great look at his London neighborhood.

Take A Look At Nippa’s New Single ‘Situation’ Video Above and Stream His Music Below!

Music| @Whoisjmar_ Speaks To Separation Anxiety In New Single “Chelsea”

Upstate New York is a completely different scene from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan and from this more peaceful terrain, we also find more relaxed musicians who craft grassroot style music. One of the up and coming with a more folk-R&B fusion to the NYC music scene is a crooner by the name J.MARaDO. The 21-year old is a self-taught vocalist with an outstanding ability to story tell and design a message that resonates with listeners of all backgrounds.

Starting his music career in 2021, the new talent has a brief discography but one filled with moving melodies detailing hardships and accomplishments through life’s journey. His latest tale is told in a soothing single called “Chelsea”. The charming songbird, J.MARaDO, provides details about this song as he describes it as a record written for people who suffer with Separation Anxiety and about people with commitment issues. This definition of ‘Chelsea’ is truly felt after listening to the heartfelt history of a lover reaching out to be loved.

The brief ballad is adorned with a cheerful guitar riff that is accompanied by a subtle drum pattern and the tranquil vocals of J.MARaDO. Luring lyrics details J’s desires for the affection from a special lady who seems to be a bit to busy to return calls, text or any other form of communication. With a message geared for those dealing with Separation Anxiety, this song is a perfect fit.

Tune Into The Latest Single From J.MARaDO Titled “Chelsea” Below!

NEWS| Creator Coin Stock Watch: @IAMBOMANIX Leads The Creator Coin Rush w/ $BOO Coin

Since Fall of 2020, the ‘Rise of Bomani‘ has been a journey that close friends and followers of the guitar wielding soft spoken crooner, have been able to experience and enjoy. On the surface, Bomani seems to be a subtle guitar player with a soothing set of vocals but under this peaceful persona is a digital mastermind who has managed to not only become the face of a viral app but also has cultivated his fanbase into crypto-fortune. Before we get into the fast-growing crypto by ex-Clubhouse App Icon Bomani, we want to give some insight on how we got here.

For many early Clubhouse users, Fall of 2020 (August to December) could easily be referred to as the Golden Age. At this time, the app had only be operating for about 5 months and it’s notoriety was slowly seeping into the public’s social timeline. The general user was in the Tech, Music or Business industry and everyone was getting a sense for what the purpose of the app was for. During this era of Clubhouse, creative social innovation was potentially at it’s all time high. This period breed life into so many signature experiences which shaped the potential and expectation of how to create on the app. Experiences such as the curation of renown clubs such as Late Night, Early Mornings (hosted by Mariana Bah), along with ‘rooms’ like ‘For The Love Of Joe Buddens’ designed by (Arianna Faust) and even the TMZ reported “Lion King” Live audio performance (Produced & Directed by Noelle Chesnut Witmore and Mir Harris). In addition to all these great experiences, one room/club that stood out from all the rest was Bomani’s ‘The Cotton Club’. The Cotton Club is exactly what you think when you hear the name. The Cotton Club was a nostalgic experience, wrapped in classy jazz music, hosted by the smooth jazz toned Bomani and fellow musician Mr.Khadir.

The rules of the room was that to gain access to the stage (for all non-clubhouse users, that means you gained access to speak to the audience) one had to find a black & white photo of a famous individual who would complement the setting and PTR (Pull To Refresh) with the updated profile picture. Many renown faces would make their appearance, such as Billy Holiday, Satchmo (Louis Armstrong), Duke Ellington, Miles Davis, Bessie Smith, Frank Sinatra, & many more. Guest would also take on the personality of their selected celebrity and The Cotton Club even came furnished with a guest bartender, coat check attendant and even a cook (please use your imagination). Long story short, this experience caught the attention of just about every user who would be on the app during The Cotton Club. Even the Clubhouse Creators took noticed to this experience and this consistent extravaganza gave Bomani a new level of recognition and appreciation from users worldwide. Then the ClubHouse App Icon experience for Bomani was born.

Once Bomani achieved App Icon status, well the rest is current history. He of course took off in regards as ClubHouse, as any room he entered he demanded an immediate following of over 1000 listeners. Off the app, Bomani’s recognition increased tremendously and helped propel him into opportunities such as being featured in a Super Bowl Commercial, releasing and selling NFT’s and many other amazing opportunities. The one we believe will be the most relevant to watch is Bomani’s $BOO coin. Supported by the platform, Bomani has designed a coin that represents his brand and is potentially going to be a aiding agent to helping him build fan engagement while helping others build their own financial freedom.

Click Here To Support Bomani & The $Boo Coin and Also Enjoy Sounds From Bomani!

Music| @IllZeeWill Recruits His Team In New Video “RECOUP”

Zee Will, hailing from Fresno, California, is renowned in his hometown for being an energetic performer, a witty wordsmith and a supporter of his community and friends. Maintaining this persona, Zee Will decides to recruit friends and family for his new music video “Recoup”.

“Recoup” has been hoisted as the leading record from Zee Will’s debut album ‘DAYS INN’, which released summer of 2020. The Daniel Ramos directed and edited musical motion picture is a crisp monochromatic visual showcasing the team that supports Zee Will. This high energy record receives an advanced approach to the modern performance video. Grasping edits extends viewers interest to the gloomy yet enticing background chosen from landmarks around Fresno.  

The group support was highlighted in a series of BTS images put together by Zee Will’s best friend and visual director Daniel. Behind the scenes we catch the support group emerge and participate in performing the this up-tempo visual. Zee recruits his brother, Kasino Kam, who also plays as producer for many of his records on the EP. In addition is Zee’s best friend Crash, who is featured on the EP. A fellow friend and artist Brain Cade also gets a cameo in the video. All around Zee is family support and talent that helps him generate quality music. “Recoup” is a dedication to that exact support with bars like “Look at the crew, Poppin we making the news, Spending that money, recoup, Look at the way that we move”.

Thanks to the crew, enjoy some Behind The Scenes views below!

Watch The New Video “Recoup” Above & Stream “DAYS INN” Below!

Music| Listen to Heff’s New “Started At The Den” EP Today!

Energetic to say the least, Heff is renown for curating a synergy with his surroundings through positive affirmations and tons of laughs. He also happens to be a musical artist from New Jersey with an infectious sound and witty wordplay. Most recently he released his debut EP which he entitled ‘Started At The Den‘. This presentation was brief but impactful. 12 minutes of 6 unique vibes and very few features, Heff showcases his wit with word through a melodic tone on a vary of brilliant production.

Started In The Den is a true melodic rap project that evokes joy and a sudden need to dance. Heff’s leading single was the highlighted record on the project dubbed “Used To” featuring Rapper/NFL Wide Receiver Tajea Sharpe aka SHOW. Displaying the high vibrations and youthful energy that Heff portrays is easily showcased on the music video for ‘Used To’ which gained instant momentum and trends on Youtube. Enjoy ‘Used To’ music video below before you read the Album Review.

The REVIEW: Started In The Den by HEFF

Started In The Den” is ideally how the future of releases will probably look. Heff does not saturate you in concepts for hours buts provides consistent brief vibes that grasp your attention within seconds and leaves remanences from catchy hooks and melodies. As an introduction project, he does great at leaving the listeners wanting more from the infectious production to the story-telling styles of his lyrics.

The introduction record ‘On One‘ is as slow tempo as this project comes as Heff leads with a strong melodic ballad that is brief but substantial to his range of ability. What can be mistaken for a love record, this song is simply a declaration of Heff’s arrival on the scene. The soothing guitar strums maintain the subtle energy this song sets to present.

Next is the Project Record (which means it’s the song that sums up the meaning behind the project) which is “DEN“. This more trap-rap production is torched with witty wordplay and supportive adlibs. Started At The Den seems to be a reference to a huge house/mansion that helped inspire the tone for this project. Lyrics of lavish living, beautiful get-a-ways and mesmerizing women is adorned on the entire project and DEN replicates just that.

Another representation of Heff’s R&B based penmanship is displayed on the third record of #SATD which is titled “24K” featuring SAINT. This brief ballad seeps in lyric expression at a high level while maintaining a crooner’s demeanor. Subtle vocalization decorate the background of brazen bars from Heff and his featuring artist Saint.

Used To‘ is the more up-tempo follow-up record that holds a lot of the momentum from this project. The collaborated efforts of both Heff and SHOW are dynamic and makes for a brilliant musical piece. The visual that accompanied was just the right angles for need to showcase the aesthetics this record provides the listener.

With the majority of the records on this project not exceeding two and half minutes, there is no specific interlude but if we had to pinpoint a potential choice it would be ‘Y.K.M.B‘ (which stands for You Know My Body). Consistent with majority of the other records, acoustic guitars highlight the production followed with strong 808 bass. What becomes a catchy records ends way before you want it to, forcing you to place it on repeat.

The finale on #SATD comes from yet another R&B-Trap production with a calming cadence that allows Heff to parley on. ‘Prada You‘ is a ode to Heff’s number one lady that he promises to drape her in the best. A classy exit track that further details the many avenues Heff travels to make a strong record.

Stream ‘Started At The Den’ by Heff Below!

Music| @BiancaImanMusic Unveils Her Angelic Single “EXODUS” & Lyric Video

With her vocals set on ‘angelic’ and wordplay geared towards ‘enticing’, Bianca Iman delivers a fantastic new single for her awaiting fan-base. The New Jersey songstress is gearing up for the next chapter in her music career and developing a defined sound, which can be identified in “EXODUS”. Sonic-ally satisfying, EXODUS is a calm declaration of frustration in a situation that is leaving Bianca drained. Lost in her love for the many positive traits from her lover, Bianca goes on to detail how she has consistently put forth an effort that is not reciprocated. 

The revelation signified in EXODUS by Bianca is one of being under-appreciated while steadily serving up true love. The Waresdanny production is palatable to the properly placed witty-wordplay from Bianca. Her writing for this song is one example of her lyrical growth and overall development as a true crooner and R&B sensation. This record is enticing from start to finish, filled with charisma, passion and poise. Bianca vocally performs like a veteran in this music industry knowing when to reach and when to resolve her cadence.

Adding to her release build-up, Bianca has also accompanied this single release with a lyric video. Cleverly playing off the biblical theme of the Exodus story of Moses and the Egyptians, a cartoon version of Bianca Iman can be seen in the midst of the parted ocean waters. Symbolic to the tyranny of those ancient times, Bianca’s character is yearning to be set free.

Enjoy Bianca Iman’s New Lyric Visual For “EXODUS” Above & Stream The Single Below!

Music| Enjoy @OfficialKingDes New EP “Eastern Nights” & His Live Review Of The Project

Born in raised in Ghana, King De$ is a conscious writer, witty lyricist and a passionate musician to his core. Never losing sight of his heritage and the stories that molded him, De$ is a rising sound for the underground Hip-Hop scene that provides perspective and presence. The now New Jersey based artist has recently released his highly anticipated project dubbed “Eastern Nights“.

Eastern Nights is a 12-track EP filled with African Influence, hard-hitting Hip-Hop and plenty of feel good selections that will easily be placed on repeat. There seems to be no dull moments within this project as the energy from the intro to the outro is consistently upbeat and enticing. The singles that De$ lead with show the strong diversity in sound and influence. Singles like “What’s Love” and “Next Level” are great examples of King De$ ability to duplicate a flow & style even when the tempo’s switches up. ‘What’s Love’ is of a slower tempo dedicated to the hardships of love & relationships meanwhile ‘Next Level’ is a brash declaration of where you can expect to see De$ in the future as he climbs through this industry.

King De$ interviewed with us to have a “Release Review” about Eastern Nights and what it meant to him. Check out this brief preview of the conversation as De$ answers some important questions.

Eastern Nights is a detailed tale of the growth that King De$ has experience over the years and packaged into a cohesive piece of work. Primed with peak production, the project delivers sonic-ally what De$ offers lyrically. Uniting with producers like DJ Ace and features like Neyram, Eastern Nights is filled with supporting acts alongside De$.

Stay Tuned For The Full Interview & More Music.

Enjoy A Full Listen To King De$ New EP “Eastern Nights” Available Everywhere!

Music| @Prekairo Offers Perfect Vibes On New EP “Glo Up”

As the world is on pause, our ears are now open to what the world of music has to offer and one gem that has been hiding in the far corners of Cairo, Egypt is a crafty crooner by the name Pre Kai Ro. The subtle play on words noted in his name is a form of the artist paying homage to his rich history and background. As he unveils his seductive cadence and salacious writing, Pre is a rising sound that has finally offered his cult-following a full work of music to measure with and in our opinion, He Delivers.

Dubed ‘Glo Up‘, this project is a musical manifestation of what to expect to see from this middle-east artist with an arresting presence on profound production. Leading the EP is the self-titled single “Glo Up” which Pre released just weeks ago. Melding this new era of R&B with lyrical versatility has been an identity Pre Kai Ro has continued to display and Glo Up is a transparent display of this aesthetic. A chill yet uptempo energy is the foundation laid for Pre to melodically maneuver over. This timely introduction provide an enticing walkway for the next set of records that proceed it.

Applying relentless vibe-based pressure is Pre’s next track “Coastline“; a bay-area bass-line bounce with an exotic Toronto-trance sound. Pre recruits Cuban Hip-Hop artist PRZNT for this party-themed follow-up. Infectious flow is the leading tool in crafting this record, as Pre and PRZNT tag-team verses.

Next on the line-up is the more cadence classic dubbed ‘LA for A Month‘ which is a tale of times in LA with women and a list of bad choices. The landmark plays for the perfect scenery for this airy piece. Pre showcases his melodic ability and range for this song. He has become renown for his high alto-cadence and the keyboard heavy production is ideal for this. 808’s is still the heartbeat for this record providing a youthful ambiance within this fervent feature.

The slowest tempo on this entire project is the median of the EP in a record dubbed “Complicated“. Serving up righteous R&B energy, Complicated speaks on the nature of relationships and the necessary growth each one experiences. Pre Kai Ro maintains a sense of mystery but unveils some transparency with lyrics like “You can go I won’t keep you down” placing options at his love’s feet while making it known he won’t be played.

Thorough theatrics are submitted for “Starry Rari“, an arcane offering featured by Dubai-based vocalist Sobhhi. From the introduction we are met with bone-chilling blares from what sounds to be a reverberated tuba. The prowling production sets the stage for Pre’s raconteur of rare evenings and enticing events. He is shortly joined by Sobhhi’s falsetto fables about similar extravaganzas.

This project would not be complete with some island-inspired auras evident on the line-up. Pre Kai Ro hits that target with ‘Tears‘, a dance-hall two-step tune made for rekindling and reminiscing. Pre globalizes his sound with adding this cultural addition to his roster. He also manages to seal the deal on day-time brunch party-playlist for the summer with this single.

Finishing the project is Pre’s easy-going outro record “Easy Money”. This record is by-far the most pronounced in clear production and an true depiction of Pre’s writing ability. His vocal presence is secure as he finds pockets to showcase his riddling range. Pouring out his feelings, Pre Kai Ro gains much momentum with this entire project and this finale track should feel like holding the championship belt above his head.

Pre Kai Ro has arrived… Stream ‘Glo Up’ Here!

Take A Full Listen To Pre Kai Ro’s ‘Glo Up’ EP Above!

Music| @MainlyMali Offers New Anthem “PROBLEM” Music Video

Brooklyn-based songstress Alex Mali made a huge debut last year with her album Sweet&Sour which hosted hit records like “Obviously” and “Faded” which featured Thutmose. Gaining much attention from this release, Mali has been on fire since with major platform appearances and outstanding streaming numbers. She has returned with her first single since Sweet&Sour with a anthem record dubbed “PROBLEM“.

The ‘West India Space Bae‘ as she describes herself, offers up an intense new record that speaks loud and clear on her stance with who has a problem and how she feels about it. The virtuous vocalist always provides a fervent flow over pungent production and PROBLEM is a perfect example. Lyrics like “When’s the last time we spoke on the regular? Now you acting all kinds of familiar“, Mali speaks to the idea that your problem is just that … YOURS!

Adding to this release, Alex presents her Tim Ciavara + Kelsy Smith filmed visual which is she happened to direct. The visual captures Alex in a fishbowl point of view with a close up on the Brooklyn artist. Her renown green hair and glittered grill take center-stage for the majority of the video. A bit of nostalgia is offered, as odes of old Busta Rhymes visuals of the 90’s are present in the aesthetic and colorways presented. The dance-ready record screams femininity, style and grace from start to finish and is an ideal follow-up to Alex’s successful 2019.

Enjoy Alex Mali’s New Music Video “PROBLEM” Above & Watch Her Live Stream Performance #StayAtHome Below!