Music| @Netflix Offers Official Trailer For @Kanyewest New Documentary ‘JEEN-YUHS’

The recently 2022 Sundance Film Festival premiered documentary ‘JEEN-YUHS’ is a three-part docu-series that walks us through the journey of becoming Kanye West, which is set to showcase on Netflix in February.

Netflix just revealed the trilogy’s latest official trailer showcasing some vintage clips of the creative icon-in-the-making, in his beginning years. The trailer starts off with a video from 2002 where the one that now goes by Ye is hanging out with hip hop artist Rhymefest in New York, the latter of which questions why West should deem himself a genius. Within the one minute clip, we also get a glimpse at old bits of the DONDA artist in the studio with Pharrell and Jay-Z, a small snippet of him recovering from his life-changing 2002 car accident, performances on stage, his iconic moment with Kid Cudi at the Yeezy Season 3/The Life of Pablo listening party and more.

“It was like God saying “I’m about to hand you the world, just know at any given time I could take it away from you”, West states towards the latter half of the video, likely referring to the humility and gratitude that he received following the aforementioned car crash.

Be on the lookout for JEEN-YUHS to release exclusively on Netflix come February 16.

Enjoy the full trailer of ‘JEEN-YUHS’ Docu-series About Kanye West Above!

Art| Enjoy A Short Docu-View of The Shredding Of Banksy’s ‘Girl with Balloon’

• Most recently renown artist Banksy, took the art world on a moral-compass journey at the latest Sotheby‘s auction. To keep it short, Banksy hosted a surprise mutilation of live purchased art. Which we must say sold at 1.4 Million USD during this exclusive gathering. Tapping into his engineer bag, Banksy designs a crafty DIY shredder frame around his very popular street painting titled “Girl With Balloon”.

To further his brilliance, Banksy took things a step further with his mini-docu titled ‘Love Is In The Bin‘ displaying the creation process of his contraption & the reaction from all in attendance at the auction. Naturally this is both historic to the art world and also hilarious to see live.

Take A Moment And Watch Banksy’s ‘Love Is In The Bin’ Above!

Music |Watch Jhené Aiko in “Behind The Seen” Documentary

• Having just released her debut album, Souled Out, Los Angeles singer-songwriter Jhené Aiko has decided to reveal the preparation and work that lead to the final record. Behind The Seen is a short documentary which gives an insight into Jhené Aiko’s life, and let’s her explain a little more about the inspirations behind her debut. Although she’s been picked up by the likes of Drake for cameo appearances on his tracks, Aiko has laid relatively low while working on the content for Souled Out. With her album only just out, it’s hard to say what’s in store for the musician but if this 15-minute short is anything to go by it would seem the rest of her music output is due to be as genuine and heartfelt as what she’s put out thus far.

Music & Lifestyle| Watch the Final Installment of A$AP Rocky’s ‘SVDDXNLY’ Documentary

• Noisey has released the final installment of their five-part documentary which chronicles the ascension of A$AP Rocky, from home videos and interviews with friends and family, to the very first seminal moments of his career caught on tape. In the final part of SVDDXNLY, Rocky reflects on his success, looks to the future, and hangs out with ScHoolboy Q, Riff Raff, Big Sean, Wiz Khalifa and Chanel Iman. If you haven’t done so already, be sure to check out part one, two, three and four where Rocky takes viewers behind the scenes into his life as he takes A$AP from Harlem, to the world.

Music & Film|Watch Part 3 of A$AP Rocky’s ‘SVDDXNLY’ Documentary

• VICE’s music channel Noisey has drip fed us part one and part two of the five-part A$AP Rocky documentary, SVDDXNLY. Now part three has just hit the web, detailing a further insight into the life and times of Lord Flacko. In this episode we find out about the genesis of the A$AP Mob, speaking with co-founders Yams and Bari about the humble beginnings of the crew. We also get a sneak peek inside A$AP Rocky’s LA crib, and he gives his thoughts on the rise of his pal A$AP Ferg.

Music & Film| Watch the Official Trailer for HBO’s ‘On The Run Tour: Beyoncé and Jay Z’

• So many rumours circulated the internet recently about a divorce which was on the horizon for Beyoncé and Jay Z, but the two are very much determined to present unity to their fans. In the lead up to the HBO premiere of the On The Run Tour: Beyoncé and Jay Z documentary, a trailer has been released previewing what’s in store. It opens with an original Nancy Sinatra cover, and follows with quick flashes of clips of what’s to be expected from the documentary and the tour itself. For more proof that the power couple’s marriage isn’t in tatters, listen to Beyoncé try and clear up that elevator incident in her remix of her track “Flawless.”

Music & Film|Watch Part 1 of A$AP Rocky’s “SVDDXNLY” Documentary

• Following the trailer for their A$AP Rocky documentary, Noisey presents part one of their five-part documentary. With contributions from his sister and mother, as well as prolific pop princess Rihanna, we get an idea of what Lord Flacko was like growing up – which was pretty damn similar to how he is now it would seem. Enjoy the first installment above and stay tuned for the remaining four episodes.

Art & Film|Watch & Support The LucasBrothers Film on Kickstarter titled “Bucket”

• Weekly a few of our online researchers at GoodGarbs Headquaters search Kickstarter to see what today’s innovators are up too. Yesterday they stumbled upon twin brothers from the Chicago who are meshing art and life together in a spectacular visual.

The Lucas Brothers (Jerome & Jarrell) Are Twin independent filmmakers Born and Raised On Chicago’s south-side, who have worked as freelance editors and cameramen for the last five years. They have discovered that their number one love is creating & art. They have join the Kickstarter community to present their latest project dubbed Bucket.

Bucket is a feature length documentary,that captures the life of many of the hundreds of bucket boys on Chicago’s south-side using there percussive bucket skills for survival. As the Lucas Brothers follow these young talented teens they learn that there is more to them then just there Entertaining drummer skills they displays to the public on there bucket. More than that The Lucas Brothers truly discover that these talented youth are growing up in poverty and are faced with numerous obstacles in there community as well as in there homes. This film gives light to the struggle of today’s youth in poverty stricken communities but lifts your spirits with tales of triumph.

We at GoodGarbs are adamant about helping this film get completed. The Lucas brothers are 80% finished with this film and need financial support to complete this project. YOU CAN HELP! Visit Their Kickstarter and become a backer today. When you support these guys you get great rewards in return along with the amazing feeling of knowing you were apart. Plus we at GoodGarbs will be Giving Shoutouts To all those who back the Lucas Brothers Film. Go Support And Enjoy!


Enjoy A Few Live Behind The Scenes Looks of The Bucket Boys Below.

Art & Event|WEREHAUS x Pow! Wow! Hawaii 2014 Documentary


~San Francisco based creative studio WEREHAUS took the opportunity to visit Pow! Wow! Hawaii 2014, this past February. In a short documentary, WEREHAUS gives a close up look into their incredible two week stay on the beautiful island of O’ahu. This visual gives different perspective of the artist and their relationships that grow along the journey of this amazing event. Clearly this is a indication that we all need to make our way to Pow! Wow! Hawaii.

Music | Isaiah Rashad’s ‘Cilvia Demo’ Doc.

• TDE’s (Top Dawg Entertainment) newest artist known as Isaiah Rashad seem to appear out of thin air. Aggressive lyrics with an atomic flow makes him another weapon in the arsenal of the TDE camp. At the young age of 22, Isaiah Rashad is giving the HipHop industry a run for its money & keeping true to his Chattanooga, TN roots. This documentary, filmed by A+ docs, gives insight on his early start into becoming one of the best. Shows, signings, & visits to see his newborn son are highlights thru out this Q&A style documentary. Take a look and Enjoy! #TDE