Art & Film|Watch & Support The LucasBrothers Film on Kickstarter titled “Bucket”

• Weekly a few of our online researchers at GoodGarbs Headquaters search Kickstarter to see what today’s innovators are up too. Yesterday they stumbled upon twin brothers from the Chicago who are meshing art and life together in a spectacular visual.

The Lucas Brothers (Jerome & Jarrell) Are Twin independent filmmakers Born and Raised On Chicago’s south-side, who have worked as freelance editors and cameramen for the last five years. They have discovered that their number one love is creating & art. They have join the Kickstarter community to present their latest project dubbed Bucket.

Bucket is a feature length documentary,that captures the life of many of the hundreds of bucket boys on Chicago’s south-side using there percussive bucket skills for survival. As the Lucas Brothers follow these young talented teens they learn that there is more to them then just there Entertaining drummer skills they displays to the public on there bucket. More than that The Lucas Brothers truly discover that these talented youth are growing up in poverty and are faced with numerous obstacles in there community as well as in there homes. This film gives light to the struggle of today’s youth in poverty stricken communities but lifts your spirits with tales of triumph.

We at GoodGarbs are adamant about helping this film get completed. The Lucas brothers are 80% finished with this film and need financial support to complete this project. YOU CAN HELP! Visit Their Kickstarter and become a backer today. When you support these guys you get great rewards in return along with the amazing feeling of knowing you were apart. Plus we at GoodGarbs will be Giving Shoutouts To all those who back the Lucas Brothers Film. Go Support And Enjoy!


Enjoy A Few Live Behind The Scenes Looks of The Bucket Boys Below.

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