Art| Enjoy A Short Docu-View of The Shredding Of Banksy’s ‘Girl with Balloon’

• Most recently renown artist Banksy, took the art world on a moral-compass journey at the latest Sotheby‘s auction. To keep it short, Banksy hosted a surprise mutilation of live purchased art. Which we must say sold at 1.4 Million USD during this exclusive gathering. Tapping into his engineer bag, Banksy designs a crafty DIY shredder frame around his very popular street painting titled “Girl With Balloon”.

To further his brilliance, Banksy took things a step further with his mini-docu titled ‘Love Is In The Bin‘ displaying the creation process of his contraption & the reaction from all in attendance at the auction. Naturally this is both historic to the art world and also hilarious to see live.

Take A Moment And Watch Banksy’s ‘Love Is In The Bin’ Above!

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