Design| @Reebok Debuts New Fitness Inspired WorkSpace


It’s safe to say that from the image above, any workspace that has a state of art boxing space equipped with full-size boxing ring, is a place I’d like to work. Well for the lucky folks of Reebok, their new Boston headquarters is that dream coming true. Completed with a 30,000 square-foot gyme, cafe, retail shops and more, this new work space is hard to want to leave.

Now apart of the Boston Seaport District, Reebok sticks to their company’s core philosophy with the latest design and innovations efforts to maintain anhealthy lifestyle. Outside of the sweat drinched workout, the employees of Reebok get to enjoy a cafe, design lab, retail store, shared work tables and a bleacher-style sitting area, and many other relaxing additions. The company also did away with traditional office spacing and provide a open floor plan that promotes open communication. Tell us what you think of the new Reebok floor plan and design!

Take A Tour Of The Boston Base Reebok Headquarters Below!



Food| @EggSlutLA Chef Alvin Cailan Brings Exciting New Menu To NYC


In perfect timing, Chef Alvin Cailin, chef of Eggslut and host of his new cooking show, has announced that he will be bringing a full-service restaurant to New York City. Dubbed ‘The Usual’, the restaurant will open next month at the Nolitan Hotel and feature what Cailin describes as “a number of dishes interpreted by [the restaurant’s] cooks, ‘the children of immigrants,’”, which is a term of endearment that Alvin uses towards his staff.

The menu will consist of fried chicken, pasta, burgers, cheddar-chive biscuits, flatbreads and your usual ice cream/chocolate cake desserts. The Usual opens July 1.


The Usual
Nolitan Hotel
30 Kenmare Street
New York, NY 10012
(212) 925-2555

Checkout Some Foodography Below From EggSlut LA Location Below!


Footwear|@ASICSamerica Northern Light Inspired “Borealis” Pack Set To Release


ASICS revisits two of their more popular silhouettes, the Gel-Lyte V and Gel-Lyte III‘s, for their latest release of the “Borealis” pack. The Japan based brand drafts their inspiration for this collection from the Northern Lights, which is where they get the name Borealis from, and masterfully place great color and appeal to each pair.

Dubbed “Borealis” pack, this release offers both Gel-Lyte pairs in opalescent and reflective overlays draped across the black uppers. These editions are finished with neon speckles flattering the midsole, meanwhile Asics’ maintains their classic gel cushioning technology throughout the interior of both pairs. Naturally this continues to perpetuate Asics’ legendary comfort.

Get both pairs at stockists such as Feature which will have them priced at $120 USD and are available now.


Fashion| Check Out Bait x Brooks Regent “Inferno” Release

• The creative minds over at Bait, the American sneaker store, have collaborated concepts with heritage running brand Brooks. The new Bait x Brooks Regent “Inferno” leads off with a suede, nubuck and leather all red premier upper. Slightly faded for extra dimension, the whole red casing sits atop a crisp white outer sole that supplies the right amount of contrast. This collaboration is sealed with approval as both brands are embossed on the tongue and heel of these kicks. This is definitely a fashion and fitness choice we suggest and with only 125 pairs designed  and priced at $155 USD, we think you might want to move quickly.


Lifestyle| Nike Unveils New Training Documentary Series

• To continue curating amazing content for fans is a task Nike has mastered and with the release of their recent documentary titled Inner Strength Nike wins again. This series highlights a few of Nike’s  sponsored athletes training process and showcases what motivates these athletes to keep getting better. One of the world top athletes, Rory McIlroy is featured in this edition as he prepares for the Master’s which is just weeks away. Continue reading Lifestyle| Nike Unveils New Training Documentary Series

Lifestyle| Brooklyn Grooming’s ‘Pilgrim’s Machine Oil’ & more


• Our great friends at Pistol PR have delivered another great brand for us to bring to our readers and this time it is a locally based brand reigning from Brooklyn, New York. With a very descriptive name like “Brooklyn Grooming” we are sure you get the idea of what this brand offers instantly, but their presentation and product supplies a great feeling of cleanliness and well grooming. Today Brooklyn Grooming, is unveiling their latest organic moisturizer dubbed ‘Pilgrim’s Machine Oil’. This wellness product comes in a designer flask that makes this product that much more appealing to today’s gentleman.

Pilgrim’s Machine Oil promises to keep the land down under dry and fragrant without resorting to irritating talc and messy creams. The non greasy organic moisturizer is designed to act like an engine coolant and lubricant for troublesome hot spots. With the help of the naturally effective, highly emollient castor oil and the greaseless, rejuvenating Kukui nut oil, Brooklyn Grooming’s Pilgrim’s Machine Oil stops painful chaffing that comes from sweating and working long hours by fighting the root of the problem.


Derived from three essential oils—tea tree, lavender and cedar wood— these natural ingredients work together to create a healing foundation of relief that is effective, anti bacterial, soothing, regenerating and anti inflammatory. “When I was doing research I tried several products ranging from chamois cream to powders and found that both products missed one essential ingredient, oil,” says Brooklyn Grooming’s co founder Mckenzie Santiago. “The challenge was coming up with a formula that would be relatively greaseless, with a pleasant scent and packaging that was unique, masculine and timeless.”

Many chafing products on the market today are powder or cream based. The effects of these products are only short lived since powders and creams are only active until they encounter moisture, which then turns to paste and often makes a bad situation worse. Oils are an essential tool for keeping bacteria at bay by providing a barrier, lasting much longer than creams and powders to keep problem areas dry and painful chaffing on the defensive.


"We blend essential oils to create a healing foundation of relief, and we then reinforce that with the all natural, anti microbial power of castor oil, eliminating and preventing the irritation associated with galled, abraded skin,” says Santiago. “Beyond greasing your gears, Pilgrim's also provides a refreshing scent to ease your transition from the speedway to the show room."

Stored in a convenient travel sized metal flask, Pilgrim’s can be easily kept in a gym bag for post workout relief or packed in a suitcase to keep chafing at bay when traveling. Whenever chafing strikes, Pilgrim’s Machine Oil targets your problem areas to help you feel free and easy, like a well oiled machine.

VISIT Brooklyn Grooming’s Website To Get Your Machine Oil Now!