Lifestyle| Nike Unveils New Training Documentary Series


• To continue curating amazing content for fans is a task Nike has mastered and with the release of their recent documentary titled Inner Strength Nike wins again. This series highlights a few of Nike’s  sponsored athletes training process and showcases what motivates these athletes to keep getting better. One of the world top athletes, Rory McIlroy is featured in this edition as he prepares for the Master’s which is just weeks away. For the series first installment, cameras hone in on McIlroy’s intense  training regimen, his 5-6 visits to the gym weekly and his tolerance for consistency in routine no matter of weather or any other element. At the end of the video you will be certain that Rory McIlroy is not playing games when it pertains to his passion for Golf.

Check out the video above and look out for more to come.

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