Design| @Reebok Debuts New Fitness Inspired WorkSpace


It’s safe to say that from the image above, any workspace that has a state of art boxing space equipped with full-size boxing ring, is a place I’d like to work. Well for the lucky folks of Reebok, their new Boston headquarters is that dream coming true. Completed with a 30,000 square-foot gyme, cafe, retail shops and more, this new work space is hard to want to leave.

Now apart of the Boston Seaport District, Reebok sticks to their company’s core philosophy with the latest design and innovations efforts to maintain anhealthy lifestyle. Outside of the sweat drinched workout, the employees of Reebok get to enjoy¬†a cafe, design lab, retail store, shared work tables and a bleacher-style sitting area, and many other relaxing additions. The company also did away with traditional office spacing and provide a open floor plan that promotes open communication. Tell us what you think of the new Reebok floor plan and design!

Take A Tour Of The Boston Base Reebok Headquarters Below!



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