Music| @Prekairo Offers Perfect Vibes On New EP “Glo Up”

As the world is on pause, our ears are now open to what the world of music has to offer and one gem that has been hiding in the far corners of Cairo, Egypt is a crafty crooner by the name Pre Kai Ro. The subtle play on words noted in his name is a form of the artist paying homage to his rich history and background. As he unveils his seductive cadence and salacious writing, Pre is a rising sound that has finally offered his cult-following a full work of music to measure with and in our opinion, He Delivers.

Dubed ‘Glo Up‘, this project is a musical manifestation of what to expect to see from this middle-east artist with an arresting presence on profound production. Leading the EP is the self-titled single “Glo Up” which Pre released just weeks ago. Melding this new era of R&B with lyrical versatility has been an identity Pre Kai Ro has continued to display and Glo Up is a transparent display of this aesthetic. A chill yet uptempo energy is the foundation laid for Pre to melodically maneuver over. This timely introduction provide an enticing walkway for the next set of records that proceed it.

Applying relentless vibe-based pressure is Pre’s next track “Coastline“; a bay-area bass-line bounce with an exotic Toronto-trance sound. Pre recruits Cuban Hip-Hop artist PRZNT for this party-themed follow-up. Infectious flow is the leading tool in crafting this record, as Pre and PRZNT tag-team verses.

Next on the line-up is the more cadence classic dubbed ‘LA for A Month‘ which is a tale of times in LA with women and a list of bad choices. The landmark plays for the perfect scenery for this airy piece. Pre showcases his melodic ability and range for this song. He has become renown for his high alto-cadence and the keyboard heavy production is ideal for this. 808’s is still the heartbeat for this record providing a youthful ambiance within this fervent feature.

The slowest tempo on this entire project is the median of the EP in a record dubbed “Complicated“. Serving up righteous R&B energy, Complicated speaks on the nature of relationships and the necessary growth each one experiences. Pre Kai Ro maintains a sense of mystery but unveils some transparency with lyrics like “You can go I won’t keep you down” placing options at his love’s feet while making it known he won’t be played.

Thorough theatrics are submitted for “Starry Rari“, an arcane offering featured by Dubai-based vocalist Sobhhi. From the introduction we are met with bone-chilling blares from what sounds to be a reverberated tuba. The prowling production sets the stage for Pre’s raconteur of rare evenings and enticing events. He is shortly joined by Sobhhi’s falsetto fables about similar extravaganzas.

This project would not be complete with some island-inspired auras evident on the line-up. Pre Kai Ro hits that target with ‘Tears‘, a dance-hall two-step tune made for rekindling and reminiscing. Pre globalizes his sound with adding this cultural addition to his roster. He also manages to seal the deal on day-time brunch party-playlist for the summer with this single.

Finishing the project is Pre’s easy-going outro record “Easy Money”. This record is by-far the most pronounced in clear production and an true depiction of Pre’s writing ability. His vocal presence is secure as he finds pockets to showcase his riddling range. Pouring out his feelings, Pre Kai Ro gains much momentum with this entire project and this finale track should feel like holding the championship belt above his head.

Pre Kai Ro has arrived… Stream ‘Glo Up’ Here!

Take A Full Listen To Pre Kai Ro’s ‘Glo Up’ EP Above!

Music| @CruchCalhoun Celebrates Another Year Of Life In New Video “Happy Cruch”

Roselle, New Jersey would not be the same without rapper Cruch Calhoun and as another year rolls around for the coveted artist, he decided to share some music with fans. His latest single “Happy Cruch” is an ode to his rise and climb from rough starts to major breaks in the industry. To celebrate life he uses this visual to reflect on the many trails he face and overcame.

The monochrome visual, shot and directed by New Jersey film director Dolofilmz, showcase Cruch in his natural habitat of Roselle around close ones. With a classic sample playing in the background, Happy Cruch is crafted for a story-teller such as Cruch. From start to finish, Calhoun adorns this theatrical production with reflecting bars of his past and manifesting words for his future. A short intermission in the video shows Calhoun receiving a call from his daughter who he even mentions in the lyrics.

Cruch Calhoun is fresh off tour with New York rapper Dave East as the tandem has been unstoppable. Stay tuned for more from Roselle’s finest and send birthday love on his Instagram.

Tune Into Cruch Calhoun’s New Video “Happy Cruch” Above!

Music| @ToryLanez Talks Success In New Single "W"

In February, Toronto rapper/singer Tory Lanez announced that he has reached the finish line of his label deal with Interscope and also teased his next upcoming project dubbed “New Toronto 3“. In support of his major successes at Interscope and being a major artist period, Tory offers up a new single titled “W” representing his much earned success.

‘W’ is a brief track, clocking in at under two-minutes, and is a barrage of bars over some solemn production. The lyric tyrant is known for heavy bars, emphatic flow & metaphoric messaging that always offers a repeat-able line or two. Lanez opens up about his climb to the spot he is in now with bars like “I never saw us becoming famous in my imagination/Sat in too many rooms with losers who was procrastinatin’” and “When your influence too big then they assassinate ya/When you keep this sh*t too real they wanna fabricate ya”. These lines just gives depth to his struggle and his rise that he plans to maintain for some time.

Watch Tory Lanez “W” Music Video Above & Stream The Record Below!

Music| @RU_AreYou Offers New Movement-Inspired Single "DANCE" Visual


Making his 2020 debut, Artist/Producer Ru AREYOU returns from his release of a visual for his instrumental single “A Rare Evening“. Hailing from his charting EP ‘A Rare Evening‘, the music video opens with Ru sitting on a couch, surrounded by women. While you might expect him to rap or sing on the record, you instead find yourself enraptured by aesthetically pleasing visuals, accentuating Ru’s sound choices. Within the record, you’ll hear where the music takes some interesting turns, including a moment which makes the audience feel a rush of vibrations throughout their body, leading them to a quick climax of euphoria.


RU’s new record “DANCE“, sounds like an elevated, dreamy vintage party. In the “Dance” music video, Phil Tayag makes his return to the mic as “SACBxY” displaying how a real Sacramentian approaches the scene. The two enlightened “Sac Boyz” enter the function with a subtle flex of Gucci. 

They take the lead on the day party with an original dance groove created by SACbxY called the #sacboy while reciting playful lyrics for the culture. Watch the full music video shot/directed by Deangelo Harding.

Watch RU-AREYOU’s “A Rare Evening” Music Video Above and View His New Single “DANCE” Below!

Music| @PhonyPpl Teams w/ @TheeStallion On “Fkn Around” Single

Brooklyn’s genre bending band, Phony Ppl has recruited Houstin hot girl Meg The Stallion for their most recent single ‘Fkn Around’. The multi-genre group consisting of members: Elbee Thrie, Elijah Rawk, Matt “Maffyuu” Byas, Aja Grant and Bari Bass; has been responsible for delivering diverse sounds for the last decade. With a mesh up of rock, hip-hop, jazz, and occasional bossa nova, the team of talent has decided to start 2020 off with an enticing record. What more enticing can you get then to feature said record with the gorgeous Megan The Stallion.

The band and Meg all team up for this racy track dubbed ‘Fkn Around’, which is self-explanatory in what the message is suggesting. This smooth yet funky record was sampled on Phony Ppl’s Tiny Desk performance minus the rap rendition that we hear featuring Ms. Stallion. The protagonist record suggest that one is willing to risk their happy-at-home relationship for a moment of fun and sensual satisfaction. The lewd lyrics make space for rapper Meg The Stallion to flaunt her renown female empowered bars and even a sample of her vocal skill-set.

Phony Ppl & Meg The Stallion’s ‘Fkn Around’ comes with a lyric video for anyone who wants to learn this record word-for-word.

Tune In To ‘Fkn Around’ by Phony Ppl Featuring Megan The Stallion Above!

Music| @Drake & @1Future Tag Team Leaked Track Called “Desires”

Drake & Future are hands down one of the best rap duo’s that has surfaced in the last decade. They seem to be up to their old vibes and have been delivering back to back singles that seem to be gearing up for another What A Time To Be Alive collaborated release. Fresh from their visual release of “Life Is Good”, the tandem returns with a new record dubbed “Desires“.

The D-Hill produced record is a transition from the hyped up “Life Is Good” release we received just weeks ago. ‘Desires’ was teased last August by Future via Instagram and was followed up with yet another teaser in December. This record would appear to be one these two were excited to have in the vault. With this record showing face on Soundcloud, we are not sure if this will be placed on the upcoming sequel to their famed collab project.

Drake provides classic R&B/singing Drake on ‘Desires’ while Future drops in for just a few bars that seem to grapple the beat perfectly. Simply a silky record and full of 2015 “Diamond’s Dancing”, this is definitely a great way to start the weekend.

Tune Into “Desires” and Watch “Life Is Good” By Future & Drake Below!

Music| @EarthGang Gives Horror-Film Vibes In New “Swivel” Music Video

Image result for Earthgang Swivel

Being Grammy nominated has definitely the most recent high-point for the Atlanta-based duo, EarthGang, who is on their way to the 62nd Annual Grammy awards. Nominated for Best Rap Performance for “Down Bad” and best Rap Album for Revenge of The Dreamers III, Johnny Venus and WowGr8 return with their visual release for their latest Dreamville contribution with “Swivel“.

This visual received strong production and direction support with the four person team made up of Micah Anthony, Chad Tennies, Mac Grant and Caleb Seales. The short film has a Netflix-horror special type vibe as we trail behind four kids who experience a gruesome experiences one after the other. The visual play perfectly into the chilling lyrics provided Earthgang. The two are renown for painting verbal pictures with their witty wordplay.

The short visual is enticing in nature and evoking in manner. It will have you on the edge of your seat while tapping your feet the whole song through.

Watch EarthGang’s “swivel” Music Video Above!

Music| @JalenKelly_ Reminisces Over 2019 Best R&B w/ New “Trouble In Paradise” EP

Rapper and renown Nupe (Kappa Alpha Psi *no Boosie), Jalen Kelly is one of Alabama’s leading voices for lyricism and vision. Keeping true to his skill-set and style of musical diversity, Jalen has decided to start 2020 off with a recap of some of 2019’s best hits in the R&B genre. The inspiration for the project also comes from his viral moment with a response video to Jhene Aiko‘s ‘Triggered‘ record last year.

As a rapper, it seems contradictory to cover R&B records but the Shimmy expert has a unique way to intertwine his lyrical ability into more melodic inspired production. Returning from his last major release of “Phoenix Flower”, Jalen is experiencing true emotion in this short 6-track EP featuring some very notable records such as Tory Lanez‘s “Jerry Sprunger“, Summer Walker‘s ‘Playing Games’ and even Chris Brown & Drake’s ‘No Guidance‘. Keeping the focal point on his witty words and heartfelt bars, Jalen added one feature being his fellow Alabama-knight and singer Wade Brown. The two attack Danileigh’sEasy“, where we catch some rare bar play from Wade Brown. Even though this EP is short and to the point, Jalen wisely chose tracks many of us play back to back and you will have no problem replaying this project from top to bottom.

Enjoy A Full Listen To Jalen Kelly’s ‘Trouble In Paradise’ EP Below!


Music| @CruchCalhoun Suggest You ‘SMILE’ In New Music Video

All of New Jersey can stand and support the energy and vibes that Roselle, NJ artist Cruch Calhoun has been spreading lately. With the release of his most recent LP dubbed C-Day, which was cleverly released on Calhoun’s birthday, the young lyricist maintains momentum with the official Music Video for his leading record ‘SMILE‘.

With support from renown Hot 97’s disc jockey DJ Drewski and powerful production from home-grown New Jersey producer Swagga Gunnz, SMILE is an entire energy promoting positivity and talent that spreads across New Jersey. Cruch relies on his story-telling ability and infectious flow to tell stories of growth and gain throughout his years in the streets and industry. All these stories lead to one conclusion, You Must SMILE!

Watch Cruch Calhoun’s New Music Video For ‘SMILE’ Above & Listen To ‘C-Day’ Below!

Music| @JimiTents Teams w/ @Mikehector For New Single ‘Szechuan’

Brooklyn based rapper Jimi Tents is heating things up since his 2018 fall release of his EP ‘Pyro’. Returning with the help of producer Mike Hector, Jimi releases his newest single ‘Szechuan’.

Mike Hector hands Jimi some crisp production which Tents floats flawlessly over with a festive flow series. The barrage of bars are just the daily norm for the Vate Records‘ artist. The helpful addition of the crisp claps, persistent bassline and playful piano chords opens the floor to Jimi’s witty wordplay.

Take A Listen To ‘Szechuan’ by Jimi Tents prod. By Mike Hector Below!