Accessories| @MBandF Unveils New ‘Bulldog’-inspired Timepiece

mb f hm10 bulldog watches timepiece accessories avant garde experimental luxury swiss switzerland

MB&F BullDog Edition

Swiss luxury timepiece designer MB&F is not new to designing avant-garde horological designs for their renown timepieces. Their most recent rendition dubbed ‘Bulldog’ is actually inspired by the animal itself.

Available in both titanium or rose gold, the new timepiece features an elongated case, its four lugs wrapping around its laterals imitating the legs of the dog. A domed sapphire crystal at the lower end forms the head of the animal, in which two separate “eyes” rotate to indicate the hours and minutes. It even features a jaw-like mechanism on the bottom of the watch which cleverly acts as a power-reserve scale, opening wide when it’s charged and closing completely once it depletes. Movement-wise, it holds an in-house manual winding movement operating at 18,000 vibrations per hour with a 45 hour power reserve, intricately constructed with a whopping 301 components. Other features include a flying balance wheel, 50m water-resistance and SuperLuminova applied hands and markers.

For those interested in the MB&F HM10 Bulldog, it’s now available for $120,000 USD. Head over to the brand’s website to learn more now.

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Accessories| @Bremont Showcases Deluxe ALT1-P2 Jet Pilot's Watch

bremont alt1 p2 jet watch 2020 collection dlc coating

Luxury watch label Bremont has recently unveiled their lavish 2020 collection featuring their deluxe ALT1-P2 Jet showcasing a stealthy and innovative design. Inspired by Bremont’s ALT1-P pilot’s watch, the ALT1-P2 Jet marks the first edition of any watch utilizing  a special diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating.

Design features include a midnight composition defined by its black dial, which features the brand’s signature “51 lume” glowing solution. Sticking to the trends of today in watch-wear design, the back of the style reveals an exposed mechanical system that’s been doused in all-black for a polished look. Leather or bracelet straps, depending on the preference, finish the sleek design.

With the goal of enhancing their design and style, Bremont teamed with British inventor and Gravity Industries founder Richard Browning to put this rendition to test. The imaginative inventor seeks to create a 1000 horsepower “Gravity Jet Suit,” while utilizing the luxury watch throughout the rigorous trials.

The ALT1-P2 is priced at $5,595 USD for the leather strap edition and $6,195 USD for the bracelet version. Look out for the piece to become available in the near future at Bremont’s website.

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bremont alt1 p2 jet watch 2020 collection dlc coating
bremont alt1 p2 jet watch 2020 collection dlc coating

Automotive| @CZingerVehicles Crafts 3-D Printed, 1250 BHP Hypercar

Czinger 21C Hybrid Hypercar 3D Printed Supercar Announcement News Revealed New Figures 1250 BHP Twin Turbo V8 Power American Developed

California-hinged Czinger unveil a 21C, an all-new hybrid hypercar that has been made using 3D printing technology. New age technology curating new age cars was the simplistic goal for Czinger.

Czinger has used 3D printing to craft almost everything that underpins the car, from its chassis to the suspension wishbones, front crash structure, windscreen surround and even the dashboard. This revolutionary technique is combined with cost-effective carbon fiber tubing and aluminum that together makes for a hypercar with a true 1:1 weight-to-power ratio, as well as a very strong structure. The 21C comes equipped with a hybrid engine — 937 BHP from the 2.88-liter twin-turbo V8 that redlines at 11,000 RPM, and two hybrid components that give the 21C a total of 1,250 BHP at the wheels. Performance figures are equally impressive, with a claimed 0-60 MPH time of just 1.9 seconds and from naught to 248 MPH and back to naught in just 29 seconds.

 Czinger is reportedly building just 80 units — divided between 25 track and 55 road iterations — which will cost from $1.7m USD each. Find out more about the 3D-printed hypercar on Czinger’s website.

Take A In-depth Look At The New 3D Printed Hypercar by Czinger Below!

Czinger 21C Hybrid Hypercar 3D Printed Supercar Announcement News Revealed New Figures 1250 BHP Twin Turbo V8 Power American Developed
Czinger 21C Hybrid Hypercar 3D Printed Supercar Announcement News Revealed New Figures 1250 BHP Twin Turbo V8 Power American DevelopedCzinger 21C Hybrid Hypercar 3D Printed Supercar Announcement News Revealed New Figures 1250 BHP Twin Turbo V8 Power American DevelopedCzinger 21C Hybrid Hypercar 3D Printed Supercar Announcement News Revealed New Figures 1250 BHP Twin Turbo V8 Power American DevelopedCzinger 21C Hybrid Hypercar 3D Printed Supercar Announcement News Revealed New Figures 1250 BHP Twin Turbo V8 Power American DevelopedCzinger 21C Hybrid Hypercar 3D Printed Supercar Announcement News Revealed New Figures 1250 BHP Twin Turbo V8 Power American DevelopedCzinger 21C Hybrid Hypercar 3D Printed Supercar Announcement News Revealed New Figures 1250 BHP Twin Turbo V8 Power American Developed

Automotive| @AimeLeonDore Teams With @Porsche On 1990 Porsche 964 Carrera 4 911

Image result for porsche and aime leon dore

Above is the official teaser for the united efforts from New York based fashion brand, Aime Leon Dore and our favorite luxury car curator Porsche. This partnership showcases the creative skill-set of these two powerhouses and the design aesthetic that they share when curating a style and look.

ALD (Aime Leon Dore) took drastic research steps to participate in the automotive design world by taking several trips to Porsche Museum and 911 assembly line in Stuttgart, Germany. From this extensive training and growth of knowledge resulted in a fully functional recreation of a Porsche classic. Attention to details plays out well as  completely reupholstering the interior using Schott sunflower leather and Loro Piana houndstooth — inspired by ALD’s Fall/Winter 2020 collection. Cup 2 wheels nod to 1990s-era Porsches, while a Pegasus graphic detail above the front wheel pays homage to the marque’s racing heritage. The most notable addition to the ALD 911 is the custom-made badge, proudly stating “ALD 964” on the rear grille.

ALD founder Teddy Santis said in a press release:

Porsche has been woven into the DNA of Aimé Leon Dore since the brand’s conception. For me, the Porsche 911 is perhaps the single most iconic automobile of all time, a car whose design synthesizes many of the values that connect Porsche and Aimé — simplicity, ambition, tradition, and beauty.

Also stated in its press release, “Rich top-grain leather wraps the dashboard, steering wheel, and door panels, while the reverse suede side of the leather covers the headliner and sunroof.” 

Enjoy The Official Teaser By Aime Leon Dore x Porshce On 1990 Porsche 964 Carrera 4 911 Above!

Image result for porsche and aime leon dore

Lifestyle| Vanquish-Yachts Unveil Their Luxury Styled Jet Ski The ‘VQ16’

Lead designers for high-performing motor-yachts is Dutch luxury brand Vanquish Yachts hailing from Netherlands with yet another astounding design for fun on the water. Introducing their latest masterpiece the VQ16, Vanquish describes this as “a crossover between a superyacht tender and a water scooter.

This upscale jetski rendition measures in at 16 feet long, seats five passengers plus the driver, and separates itself from traditional speedboats by being designed to drive like a jetski. Even their most standard version of the VQ16 come equipped with a 1.8L Yamaha engine pushing out 200 horsepower, allowing this wave rider to reach up to 40 knots. If you’re a true dear-devil then the supercharged edition which reaches a top speed of 50 knots may be just for you.

To maintain the lightweight required to maneuver like a true jetski, the VQ16 is constructed from fiberglass. Designers Guido de Groot Design and Studio Delta team up to give Vanquish’s VQ16 the sleek and stylish look that it has acquired. This lavish water-raver is now available to order for all our seafaring enthusiast at the company’s website.

View More Of The Vanquish VQ16 Below!

Music| @RichTheKid & @Pusha_T Make It Clear You “Can’t Afford It”

Luxury living is a choice that trapstar Rich The Kid wasted no time making once he arrived on the music scene. To specify his luxurious lifestyle he releases his latest record dubbed ‘Can’t Afford It‘ featuring G.O.O.D Music President Pusha T. The tandum speaks on expensive choices from cars to jewlery all while expressing being the best option. Produced by Nick E Beats and The Loud Pack, the track is fueled by the heavy 808’s atop a slow tempo melody.

Take A Listen To Rich The Kid’s ‘Can’t Afford It’ Featuring Pusha T Above!

Lifestyle| @BMW Updates Their M2 Competition W/ M Performance Pack


So BMW has decided their latest make of the 2019 M2 Competition wasn’t badass enough, so to heighten this car’s activity, BMW unleashes it’s M Performance pack on the 450 horsepower coupe. Features include carbon fiber hood, roof, trunk, front splitter, side skirts, rear diffuser, rear lip spoiler, and rear wing, just to name a few. In addition to all these carbon fiber upgrades is a new suspension pack with lowering coil-over, adjustable dampers, & new brakes – six piston calipers in the front and four piston in the rear.

Finally, a new onboard telemetry system is included along with metal pedals, Alcantara, carbon fiber trim, and a steering wheel with an integrated Race Display. We are not expecting the new BMW M Performance Pack on the M2 Competition until later this Summer.

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Lifestyle| @MBandF Announce New Versions Of The Jellyfish-Inspired Aquapod


The video above best details the intricate architechture, aquatic influence and timeless technique in design behind the Swiss-luxury watch brand MB&F. Showcasing their new TI Green Aquapod, the renown wrist-wear brand has yet again wow’d veiwers with their avant-garde watch-design approach. According to the brand’s CEO Maximilian Büsser, the HM7 Aquapod design’s influence stems from vacations he would take during his early childhood. A tinje of this is noted in the  radical, three-dimensional design.

Specifics with this design include the grade-5 titanium construction which is powered by the 303-piece movement which features a central 60-second flying tourbillon equipped with a 72-hour power reserve. Further details show two rotating titanium discs for telling time centered between a left & right crown; one for winding and one for setting the time. Not stopping at just the technical end, this watch also features Super-LumiNova, meant to allow the watch to glow in the dark even under water.

Per usual, MB&F is extremely limited (set to 50 pieces) and priced luxury-fair at $108,000 USD.

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Fashion| @MRPORTERLIVE Unveils The Full Lookbook To Their Collab W/ @Prada


The official release of the MR PORTER and Prada collaboration has launched and we have been graced the full look on the 1950’s bowling-inspired series. Previously, we showcased their promotional visual for the 32-piece collection presented by the men’s wear designer and retailer duo. The project features plenty of camp-collar shirts, block-panelled cardigans, knitted T-shirts, blouson jackets fetaured in satin and suede and even screen printed T-shirts displaying the Prada bowling logo.

Additional signature pieces include pleated and flat-front trousers, polo shirts and mohair blazers, with footwear features such as their loafers, sneakers, cap-toe derbies, and creeper shoes.

Toby Bateman, Managing Director of MR PORTER said the following: “We are incredibly proud to be working with Prada on this special project and to be the first men’s online retailer to partner on an exclusive collection. The retro themes of 1950s and 1980s menswear were an effortless inspiration for the campaign and content, and allowed us to easily meld the worlds of MR PORTER and Prada.

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Lifestyle| @MercedesBenz Debuts New Exclusive G-Class Editions


Renown luxury vehicle brand Mercedes-Benz has decided to announce their final renditions of the popular G-Class series, which is being retired. To celebrate, the automotive powerhouse has debuted special exclusive series: the G 350 D Heritage Edition & G 550 Designo Magno Edition.

Details of these two silhouettes consist of colorways, interior design & exterior additions like 18-inch five-twin spoke aluminum wheels. The G 350 d Heritage Edition is limited to strictly Japan, with only 463 units. The Colorway options consist of five finishing options such as “Professional Blue”, “Light Ivory”, “Yellow Stone”, “Tulmarine Green”, & “Pearl Blue”. Interior accents include black or peanut butter brown leather interior & a designo piano lacquer wood trim.  The G 550 Designo Magno Edition I share many similar options and has also 463 units available in Japan.

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