Cars| @BringATrailer Showcases The Nissan Skyline C10 Fully Refurbished

Hailing as one of the most impressive automobiles made, the Nissan Skyline C10 is a revered rendition of the skyline by all autophiles who have seen this iteration as a coveted edition. The now auctioned muscle made car is highlighted by  Bring a Trailer has a clean and tastefully modified example of a 1971 Nissan Skyline GTX KGC10 up for sale. Many argue that this is not the official  2000GT Hakosuka, which is renowned and also has a price tag of around $200,000. This much more affordable silhouette via Bring a Trailer, is still in classic form and very much a high ticketed item for any Skyline lover.

This particular example features plenty of modifications, ranging from an L28 inline-six engine that’s fitted with a Kameari Engine Works 3.0-liter stroker kit and triple Mikuni carburetors that is good for producing 186 HP and 200 lb-ft of torque at the rear wheels. While these may not be the Skyline figures we’re used to, these numbers should be good for getting the car going considering the C10’s dinky size and low weight, all while delivering plenty of noise from the stainless steel exhaust system.

Additionally, this release includes 15” Watanabe-style wheels, MK63 front brake calipers, air conditioning, power windows, a Panasonic Electronic Toll Collection system, a Kenwood head unit, and Pioneer speakers, as well as Skyline, GT Kai, and GTR badging. Elsewhere, fender-mounted black mirrors, front and rear spoilers, and black-finished wheel arch flares contrast the classic silver paint job.

As of writing, this C10 has a bid of $80,000 USD with five days left. We expect the car to fetch over $100,000 USD at this rate. Visit bidding on BaT for more details.

Take a Closer Look at 1971 Nissan Skyline GTX KGC10 Below!

Art| Flying Citroen Car Series by Jacob Munkhammer

• Great photo manipulation series by the Swedish artist Jacob Munkhammar with his Citroen “Flying Cars” turning old Citroen’s models into flying futuristic cars blending vintage and visionary visuals. Spanning quite a range in the French car manufacturer’s history, it seems the trend of creating retro-futuristic images with classic automobiles shows no sign of slowing down. Check more of his artwork at Deviantart.

thE 4um | Take A Peek Under The Tree

GoodGarbs Wants To Wish Everyone A Happy & Safe Holiday … Hope You Got Everything You Wished For. Now As You Sip Your Cider’s & Watch BasketBall & Holiday Classics We Wanna Share Our Christmas List Collection. Few Items That Make The Holidays Just That More Special … To All You Fashion Addicts This Will Be A Good One! Be Safe & God Bless.




















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thE 4um | Mens Fashion 4 New Years


• Even in Vintage Photography a well dressed man is a well dressed man. A Ben Sherman Peacoat, a Neil Barrett Blazer, a pair of Lanvin tailored Slacks, a Brook Brothers’ Bow tie, a smooth pair of Ferragamo’s Hard Bottoms … All are must for New Years! No exceptions. No excuses. New Years is the start to a new beginning. How you start can determine how you finish & starting off tailored & well dressed is just the best way to go. Just think of how many pictures will be taken, how many hands you will be shaking. That first impression is the lasting. Show 2014 that you are ready to own this upcoming year & will do it looking your best. Gentlemen, let this year be the best dressed & groomed year you have ever had.

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