thE 4um | Mens Fashion 4 New Years


• Even in Vintage Photography a well dressed man is a well dressed man. A Ben Sherman Peacoat, a Neil Barrett Blazer, a pair of Lanvin tailored Slacks, a Brook Brothers’ Bow tie, a smooth pair of Ferragamo’s Hard Bottoms … All are must for New Years! No exceptions. No excuses. New Years is the start to a new beginning. How you start can determine how you finish & starting off tailored & well dressed is just the best way to go. Just think of how many pictures will be taken, how many hands you will be shaking. That first impression is the lasting. Show 2014 that you are ready to own this upcoming year & will do it looking your best. Gentlemen, let this year be the best dressed & groomed year you have ever had.

• Websites That Will Help: (Of Course)

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