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Music | Empire Live

• That voice taking EDM King David Guetta & Australian songwriter Sia‘s “Titanium” to vocal heaven is Australia’s own Katherine Tanner & the beat added is percussionist Nic Noble, & this combination is globally known as Empire Live. These two world class musicians have made a true name for themselves in the House/EDM world by being one of the only live performing acts to do EDM! Most renown names in House music are DJs who use their musicianship in the studio & exploit their DJ abilities live. Not Empire Live! They keep it live both in the studio & on stage. Performing all over the world this duo has made a great impression on EDM listeners & true musicians like Ron Fair (Former CEO of Geffen Records) & Barry Eastmond (Multi Grammy Award Winning producer & songwriter). Katherine & Nic both have a great future ahead as they continue to produce, song write and perform their hits in front of crowds all over the world. Visit EmpireLive.tv to read up more on this EDM dynasty & see more live performances.


• Now Go Read Our One on One interview on the RoundTable Talk!

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