Art | New York City Ballet Art Series feat. JR

~ Photograffuer JR, has been invited to one of the most revered ballet studios in the world, New York City Ballet, to be apart of the Art Series. JR does not disappoint as he creates a concept that artist, dancers and people with an open mind will love. JR is known for fly-posting black-and-white images and placing them in locations with the approach and style that a graffiti artist would. Starting out in Paris, JR has become an artistic icon for speaking out on politics, freedom, identity, and community by using this very unique style of display and photography. JR and NYCB will be showing this art work series at  three performing events (Jan. 23rd, Feb 7th & 13th) … Tickets start at $29 and will be well worth it for every audience member will receive a takeaway made especially for this event. Find out more here


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