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Fashion | A.P.C x Kanye West Collection #2

~ “I’ve been showing my ideas for 10 years on the front row of the runways.…Hip-hop is an expression of clothing,” the rapper told WWD. “Some people don’t understand that. “I’m really happy with this [collaboration] because I’m starting to be able to express myself.”

Words by Kanye West, on his latest collection in his collaboration with contemporary French brand A.P.C. This is considerably a better look than the first release even though it sold out incredibly quick. The first collection was described as overwhelming, but this go round you can tell rapper/designer took a much more detailed and patient approach in developing this collection. HypeBeast gave a behind the scenes look at what was the build-up to the showing of Kanye‘s Fashion statement.

~ With the collection of fabric and material this line stays true to Kanye’s persona and enthusiasm to fashion. His choices supply plenty of outwear options like a parka with fur lining, forward leaning hoodies, and mask styled shawls. A combination of a surplus of denim and animal fur makes it classic Kanye wear.

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