G.L.S.C.E |Volume IV


~ Week Four Of GoodGarbs Listens SoundCloud Edition Came Pretty Quick. Due to Producer Influences Like Michigans Own  Sango and Paris’ Producer Extraordinaire STWO (Stew), This Weeks Mix Is More for My Trippy Music Listeners. Artist Like SPZRTK, Bondox, IceEdwards and Many more. Enjoy, Get Trippy and #GLSCE.

~ SPZRKT (prod. Sango) – Universe, SPZRKT (pronounced Spazzy Rocket) is as his name suggests, a wild mash up of sounds. Those sounds have, for all intents and purposes, skyrocketed the 23 year old singer’s career in only a year.

Bondox feat. Josh Records – Fires, Bondox is a Dj/Producer Duo made up of two teenagers from Lancaster, Britain and Had Help from Vocalist Josh Records.

Sango feat. SPZRKT Middle of Things, Beautiful Wife, Producer from Michigan collabs with Vocalist SPZRKT. This isnt the first or the last collabo from these two geniuses. Great Sounds To Come.

Bridge September 8th, We have heard something from this mysterious singer for the last three volumes and he is consistent with great music.

Kastle feat. Ayar MararRed Light, Kastle is a LA producer who made a great upbeat track for vocalist Ayar Marar. Great Collab.

JoBee Wanna See U, New Orleans Singer gives a nice delivery with great vocals on a solid beat.

Atu feat SangoThe Duo, These two producers collab to make a hit for all music lovers. This is Strickly an instrumental with a dope sample to accompany it.

Ian IsiahPrivate Party, New York singer, synthises his way to the private party waiting. Very sexual track but still extra trippy. Ladies enjoy.

Jessy Lanza5785021, Very Electric, trap sounds come from singer Jessy Lanza. Another UK artist doing great things for a smooth R&B sound.

Ta-Ku  I Miss You, Austrilian Artist makes dope beats and finds the perfect set of vocals to accompany. This track holds so much musical truth with bass, keys and strings.

IceEdwards Mansions New Jersey artist is not new to the trippy life and in this track his gives lyrical life to the Mansion life.

Daughter ‘Tomorrow’ (Live), UK band is known for their airy vocalist and great mood making music. This live rendition of their studio recorded song “Tomorrow” almost sounds better live.

NyloRent Free, Trance artist tries outa new pop style and it works out well with this passionate track.

Haley SmallDreamLover, Internet sensation Haley Small is one part of a duo who has made a lot of noise on YouTube. Haley goes solo on this DreamLiver song and holds her own.

GoldLink The Heart, New Rapper to the scene, GoldLink takes a classic beat an gives a Heartfelt lyrical freestyle about being a boy turn man.

WaldoKobe’s Room (Truth Be Told), If You have been listening to previous GLSCE’s then you know the name Waldo. He collabs with Sango on another hit!

IceEdwardsAll These, NJ artist Ice gets with Sango to make a trippy Trance track. Still holds all the NJ upbeat and delivers his unique lyrical style.

Xavier Alive, Singer/SongWriter, Xavier has an airy voice and amazing lyrics that mesh well on this track.

SPZRKT Alright Mayne, Spazzy Tribes top artist is delivering a true musical treat with a Sango built beat and lyrics that make you feel.

STWOMiddle of Things, Beautiful Wife (Remix) , Paris, France producer takes a Sango & SPZRTK classic and makes it epic!! Work well done.




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