LifeStyle | Adidas SkateTeam Hits Berlin

The adidas Skateboarding flick, filmed and edited by Torsten Frank, captures what it is and takes to not just be a skateboarder but earn the rights to shred the streets of Berlin. Adidas Skateboarding delivers an amazing  glimpse at the German International Team flip, kick and pushing thru astonishing destinations of Berlin. Adidas Skateboarding takes us on a journey through rural German architecture found throughout the city, as well as a look into some epic banks, gaps and an occasional loading dock.

 Adidas Skateboarding features its entire German International team, including Tjark Thielker, Phil Anderson, Valeri Rosomako, Kai Hillebrand, Patrick Zentgraf, Markus Blessing, Sandro Trovato, Michi von Fintel and Lem Villemin. Each portray a unique style and ambition that drive these skaters to make the essentially impossible, possible in some sharp, tight locations. adidas Skateboarding coalesced with Juice Design, a San Francisco based advertising and design boutique,  to produce this exquisite depiction of the team skating the streets in Berlin, not to mention epic choice in tunes, courtesy of Main Fear of Love and Raithe Laurence. For more information regarding the video and/or adidas Skateboarding click here, or sit back and enjoy the show.


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