Music | ‘Da Rocinha 2’ by SangoBeats

~ His name is Sango, and Producing Mega Hits is what his occupation is. The Grand Rapid, Michigan raised beat maker has done works with so many in the last years and has made a name for himself all over the globe with electrifying sounds, and unmatched beat patterns. This AGO | Soulection artist is the leading force of his team (Waldo, little Simz, The Seventh and more) and gives life to their lyrics with his powerful sense of sounds seeking and instrument placement. Sango’s latest release ‘Da Rocinha 2′ is vibes of the Brazilian Culture and Great samples like Aaliyah’sSomebody” track. Sango will die as one of the Greatest to do this due to his continuous inclusion of Cultural sounds and amazing ability to make great mood music. Enjoy The Newest Mix and Download it NOW!

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