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G.L.S.C.E. | Volume Cinco


• Last Week of January, GoodGarbs wanted to take a calm acoustic approach. This weeks collection is more for of a Rooftop Hookah Bar in The Spring ambiance. True Meditation Music. This Edition gives a Vocal vibe, with guitar strings & tambourines, all to relax & give a clear message of “Don’t Stress It”. Many Great artist make up this weeks list like band Sylvan Esso, HolyChild, Sales, and of course dope producers like DiggsDuke and Kaytranda. Of Course our favorite regime is back, AGO with a new release from Producer Sango featuring Waldo and TheSeventh.

• Sylvan Esso – Hey Mami, Band Duo consisting of vocalist Amelia Meath and musician Nick Sanborn both from Durham, North Carolina have quickly become a unique sound that many all over the nation has fallen in love with. Say “Hey Mami”..

• HolyChild – Playboy Girl, This uptempo, high energy track by boy/girl band makes every party come alive. Vocalist Liz Nistico & drummer/pianist Louie Diller make up the Los Angles based band. This is what they call “Brat Pop”..

• Bells Atlas – Incessant Noise, All the way from Oakland, California, Derek Barber, Geneva Harrison,
Sandra Lawson-Ndu, and
Doug Stuart brings a great indie music selection.

• Sales – Renee, Lauren Morgan and Her music guru Jordan Shih give a Florida Coast groove with this very acoustic track.

• Evan Geesman – Drawn Dogs, Santa Ana, Cali. Artist gives us life of a humorous unemployed musician every chance he gets. This track sets a smooth tone and delivers Evan’s vocal capabilities along with his producing skills.

• Rachel Brotman – Re: Clever, Few words to describe Rachel are Vintage, Jazz, Vocals and Brooklyn. This NY artist is a classic symbol of the new school Jazz age.

• B. Jamelle – “Rose Tea”, produced by DiggsDuke, this An imaginative effort on behalf of singer/songwriter B.jamelle to translate the bittersweet, healing attributes of “Rose Tea” into an aural experience as blissful as enjoying the last sip of a perfect cup.

• Kaytranada – At All, another great producer in the game, Kaytranada puts it all together correctly on this instrumental.

• Sufjan Stevens – Futile Devices, a very mysterious sound comes from this band.

• Sango feat. Waldo & TheSeventh – Channel 8, Another AG hit put together by a few heavy hitters out the group. Sango produced this while Waldo & TheSeventh put wild lyrics to it. All repping Michigan!

• Gabriel Garzòn-Montano – Everything is Everything, Soulful producer, composer, songwriter, singer gives a classic groove with this piece. Story teller by habit, music genius by nature.

• DeRobert & The Half-Truths – Goin Places, Nashville Band and GED Artist, DeRoberts is the leading vocals to this Soulful Folk band that gives a groove explaining the Places their going..

• BANKS – Brain, LA artist with a unique vocal ability is back with a message for those who think they can outsmart her. She keeps it mysterious yet seductive in this selection.



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