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Technology|HUVr Releases The First Look At A Real Hoover Board

~ With recent releases of the all new Power Laces, technology continues to reach further into the future to gear us for what we could only imagine at one time. The next step in supreme technology is hoovering, weather its a car or a Back To The Future version skateboard. A Team Claims that this technology has finally been reached and soon you will see kids hoovering to school instead of the traditional kick and push method that we grew up on. The testing of this product included names like Tony Hawk, SchoolBoy Q, and even Moby. This highly impressive form of updated capabilities have taken the internet by storm.

What began as a summer project in 2010 at the MIT Physics Graduate Program has evolved into one of the most exciting independent products to be developed out of MIT since the high-powered lithium-ion batteries developed by Yet-Ming Chiang in 2001. Our team consists of materials science, electricity & magnetism experts who’ve solved an important part of one of science’s mysteries: the key to antigravity.

The HUVr Board team ultimately aims to improve the efficiency, speed and sustainability of mass transportation. Yet rather than spend several more years closed off from the world while investing in research and development, the team and our world-class investors have worked to change the economics R&D by marketing this exciting consumer product in order to fund ongoing R&D.

Check Out The Video to See If You Are Ready To Believe in this High Advancement in Our Technological World.

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