GoodGarbs| 5 Instagrams You Should Follow

GoodGarbs Team has been asked to develop a list of Instagrams/Tumblrs that are considered a ‘must follow’ & we have started today with a short list of Instagram Profiles we would like to share. The 5 Instagrams our team has chose are based of the core genres that make up GoodGarbs period and those are Fashion, Music, Art, Events & Other Blogs! Check out our list and Go Follow These Amazing People and Brands.



• This NJ based luxury-Streetwear brand has made a great name for itself amongst the fashion world. Using inspirations from cultural backgrounds, music & Art, RichWierdo has become a top fashion choice for many celebrities & socialites. Dynamic color ways with delicate fabric choice makes their collections not just attractive to the eye but also amazing to the touch. Visit their online store to get your Spring/Summer collection looking Rich & Follow This Brand on Instagram!




Sonyae Elise raised in the Tri-State area, is an American singer‑songwriter who won the inaugural series of Platinum Hit, a Bravo American television channel show about new songwriters. Now signed to Rebel Music, she is all over the music industry making hits like her latest single “F*ck It” & being a gorgeous socialite. Visit her online site to hear more of her music & Follow Her Instagram Today!




Clevis Harrison is a South Carolina raised Industry Photographer who has grown to become a well respected artist & industry capturing photographer. Recently traveling the world with R&B sensation Trey Songz, Cleve has made an astounding impression on Art & Photography period. Visit his online site to book him today & Follow His Instagram!




Color Me Rad 5K is a continuous tour of Benefit 5K’s that travel state to state to help raise money for all sorts if foundations & hospitals. GoodGarbs collaborated with ColorMeRad5K to do a give-a-way & the response was amazing. Visit This 5K’s website to check where they will be running next & Follow Their Instagrams!




Janae Raquel is not just another gorgeous face, but a motivated young woman who is taking blogging, modeling and being an amazing person, by storm. As creator of #IAMHBLOG she has become the spokesperson for Natural hair, and all styles that come with it. Being a specialist in hair care and maintence she has gained an amazing following of like minded women and men who can’t help but enjoy the model style she keeps daily. Visit Janae’s blog site and get information about her upcoming Blog-iversary held at RazorSharp BarberShop April 27th. Oh and of course Follow Her Instagram Today!!



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